With COVID-19 cases dropping, Sumter School District suspends contact tracing and quarantines

With levels of COVID-19 below a 10% threshold for students and staff for consecutive weeks, the Sumter School District has suspended contact tracing and close contact quarantines for now.

The procedural change is in line with updated state health department COVID-19 guidelines from late February, and Brenda Hafner, senior district administrator and chief of schools, released a statement Thursday.

According to new protocols from the state Department of Health and Environmental Control, a school district can suspend contact tracing and quarantine practices for close contacts when it has two consecutive weeks that no school or site is has 10% or more of its students or staff absent due to COVID-19.

The guidelines will remain in effect until the 10% threshold is met or exceeded for consecutive weeks. Then contact tracing and quarantine requirements will have to be reinstated, Hafner said.

She added that it is important to note that any student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms should always stay home and should report positive results to their school.

The statement concluded that information regarding the district’s current mask tenure is an agenda item that will be further discussed at Monday’s district board meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. at the college. Ebenezer.