Why we need your personal details

Ahead of our national pay, pension, jobs and severance pay ballot in September, we need everyone in the public service and related fields to prepare for the ballot by updating the contact details we hold for you in our member database via Digital PCS.

UK law states that a vote for industrial action must be a postal vote. We therefore ask you to provide us with your home address where to send the ballot.

We cannot guarantee that mail sent to work addresses will reach you, as it often goes unsent and there are issues if you are working from home or in a hybrid working model. When employers know we are mailing ballots, they may stop delivering mail that they know is election-related. It’s always best to send private, sensitive mail to your home address, even if you’re not involved in the poll.

Every two weeks during the summer, we hold a raffle in each PCS region and nation for all members who log in to their PCS digitall count and verify their personal details, even if you are not involved in the ballot. You can earn up to £250.

To have your say in the ballot and to allow us to communicate with you about it, the following information must be up to date:

  • Your name
  • Personal email address
  • Home Address
  • Mobile number
  • Rank (or rank equivalent)
  • Current employer
  • Workplace.

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