What time should your child fall asleep – and how to easily put them to bed


Getting children to sleep can often be quite tricky for parents.

But when your child takes a good nap, they’ll be happier and ready for school the next day.

So when is the perfect time to put your kids to bed?

Lisa, a sleep consultant for babies and children, shared her tips for helping parents who are having trouble putting their children to sleep.

And Lyndsey Hookway, co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, says sleep varies by age.

She said children need less sleep as they get older, dropping from 12 to 15 hours total to 6 months to 10 to 13 hours by age five.

It also varies depending on the child’s age.

Lyndsey said: “Children’s sleep is affected by their age, genetics, environment, lifestyle, exercise levels, stress, health and diet.

“The average two-year-old needs 11 to 13 hours of sleep in 24 hours.”

Lisa added, “Sleep cycles occur every 90 minutes. This is handy for finding out why your baby wakes up frequently throughout the night.

“It is important that they can settle down on their own so that at the end of their cycle, they can continue to fall asleep again.

“When it comes to kids, think about 90-minute cycles and count down from when you might want them to wake up. This will be the desired bedtime.”

Overhead view mother and smiling daughter reading a book on the bed
You can try to delay bedtime for a few minutes.

Lyndsey explained how difficult it is to take a nap when sleep pressure is low, which is why adults find it difficult to get through the night early.

She thinks that if you put the kids to bed too early, it will take longer for them to fall asleep and instead, they might wake up earlier.

The expert said: “If a child takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, ask yourself if bedtime is unrealistically too early.

“If bedtime seems too late, it’s a good idea to try moving it a little earlier to allow the child’s body clock to adjust slowly.”

Lisa suggests that the best way to improve your child’s sleep is to do it in 15-minute increments every day for several days.

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If that’s too much, you can start with 5 or 10 minutes instead.

Lisa believes parents shouldn’t let their little one sleep past 3 p.m. and make sure they have a cutoff point.

She concluded: “It’s a good time because you might be getting ready for the school run.

“Anything beyond that will interfere with their ability to sleep early at night.”

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