West Kenya Sugar Company Ownership, Location and Contact Details

Unfortunately, poor management practices and vested political interests have made Kenyainsufficient sugar industry to fully meet local demand. However, some companies, like the West Kenya Sugar Company, have been at the forefront of the self-sufficiency agenda, which will hopefully be achieved in the years to come. The company is one of the leading sugar producers in Kenya and is the face behind Kabras sugar. But what do you know about the company that produces your favorite sugar? Who are the owners and where are they located?

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Sugar is a rapidly changing commodity given its common use. And all the Kenyan companies manufacturing this precious commodity are located in the heart of western Kenya.

West Kenya Sugar Company has done an incredible job of bringing the popular Kabras brand to shelves, even in times of market disruptions that make sugar scarce. It would be interesting to know how they do it and the people behind the brand.

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About West Kenya Sugar Company

The history of West Kenya Sugar Company is quite interesting. According to them LinkedIn profile, the company was founded in 1971 and has since established a deep presence in Kakamega County, Western Kenya. Since then, it has engaged in the production of sugar and other related products.

Although the company is not the largest sugar company in Kenya, its immense production capacities place it in the number two. It will likely eclipse its peers if it discounts its expansion plans.

Since the beginning of its activities, the dominant company has grown from 500 tons crushed daily (TCD) in 1979 to 5,000 TCD. In addition to indirect jobs, the company employs around 2,000 people.

The West Kenya Sugar Company has another sugar factory at the Nasebwa-Busibwabo site near Nambale in Busia County. Another important thing to remember is that the company has no nuclear fleet and relies on its 35,000 subcontractors.

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Who owns West Kenya Sugar Company?

West Kenya Sugar Company is owned by Rai familya die the richest in the country. The family holds various business interests across East Africa. The company’s current CEO is Tavjeer Rai, also a Safari Rally enthusiast.

In January 2022, the family announced plans to launch their new business, the Naitiri Sugar factory, which will operate as an extension of West Kenya Sugar. This is part of their plan to dominate the sugar industry in East Africa.

The Rai family has a patriarchal history that dates back almost a century. Their massive fortune grew after Tarlochan Sigh Rai purchased large tea and coffee plantations from Belgians fleeing the Belgian Congo. He built a massive empire and expanded into Kenya creating strong partnerships with other Asians.

Today, the Rai family owns many businesses and has invested in cement (Rai Cement), edible oils and soaps (Menengai Oil Refineries), sawmill (Timsales, RaiPly and Webuye Panpaper), wheat farming, l horticulture, sugar (Western Kenya) and real estate. domain.

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Is West Kenya sugar the same as Kabras sugar?

Western Kenya Sugar Company
The Kabras Sugar logo. Photo: @kabrassugar
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The West Kenya Sugar Company produces Kabras sugar, one of Kenya’s most popular sugar brands. Given the constant availability of their products on supermarket shelves, they could be the most productive Kenyan sugar mill in the country.

West Kenya Sugar company location and contact details

Where is West Kenya Sugar located? The company is located in Western Kenya in Kakamega County in Shamberere South Kabras along the Kakamega-Webuye road. The main reasons for putting their factory to the location are the availability of raw materials, the accessibility of the areas and the availability of a reliable water source (Mwera River). You can contact the company using the contact details:

  • Western Kenya Sugar Company
  • PO Box 2101, Kakamega, Western 50100
  • South Shamberere Kabras, Kakamega County, Kenya

Business controversies

One of Kenya’s leading sugar companies, Mumias Sugar Company, accused West Kenya Sugar Limited of dominating the industry with the aim of becoming a monopoly. This was due to a controversial bid where Western Kenya was the highest bidder with Ksh 36 billion.

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West Kenya Sugar Company has done a great job ensuring that their product is always on the shelves. They probably have a sophisticated production mechanism and an efficient supply chain that ensures everything runs smoothly.

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