Tribute to business pioneer Stuart Dalgliesh after sudden death in Granada



Stuart Dalgliesh, CEO, SCL Trinidad. Photo Courtesy of SCL GROUP via MEP Publishers

Stuart Dalgliesh, a leader in business, manufacturing and construction, and former chairman of the TT Manufacturers Association (TTMA), died suddenly in Granada earlier this week.

Dalgliesh, 69, was CEO Emeritus of SCL (Trinidad) Ltd and the SCL Group of Companies.

In a statement released Thursday, SCL Ltd said his death came as a shock as he “was sharp, articulate and well organized” half an hour before his death.

Dalgliesh has been described as an “outspoken ruler” and “patriot” who lived by the hard work lessons instilled by his late mother Esther, the company said.

Dalgliesh is survived by his wife Suzanne, his son Gordon and his daughter Laura. His older brother Ian and sister Sheila are also deceased.

“Stuart was a pioneer in the construction industry and his expertise was relied on by many. He was a visionary and forward-looking man, hardworking, committed and extremely people-oriented,” the company said.

The management also spoke of his sense of humor, his generosity, especially for the less fortunate. He also enjoyed fishing and sailing on his boat Abracadabra and was celebrating his recent birthday with his wife in the Grenadines. He spent his last moments on the boat.

“In his memory, we are committed to managing both SCL and our own personal life with his example and voice to help us make decisions that would make him proud and honor his exemplary legacy.”

In a statement, the TTMA described him as a pioneer who was instrumental in his history.

“He worked diligently to make our current office building our home. His vision of a united regional sector came to fruition under his tenure as TTMA president when he initiated meetings with other associations under the banner of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, ”said declared TTMA President Tricia Coosal.

Coosal said he would always give his time and resources to help the manufacturing industry and that he has a particular passion for supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

TTMA CEO Dr Ramesh Ramdeen said Dalgliesh has always offered a helping hand with business development, despite the vacancy in the presidency in 2003.

“His legacy will live on through the vital work that is continuously undertaken at TTMA, following the precedent set by Mr. Dalgliesh, to promote and secure the future of the local manufacturing industry. “

In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry also praised Dalgliesh’s contribution to manufacturing, trade and local business development. He noted that as President of the TTMA, he had led missions to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Aruba and Curaçao.

“These trade missions would later materialize in earnings for many of the companies that participated in them,” the ministry said. He also praised his role in Caricom’s trade negotiations with the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

“Over the years, these agreements have created immense opportunities for businesses in the region. Mr. Dalgliesh’s contribution to the process and implementation is remarkable and has served national and regional interests.

The ministry hailed the growth of the SCL group, under his leadership, into “a regional power”.

“Today, through constant innovation, hard work and foresight, the group has been in business for over 40 years with 30 years of export experience. SCL has four main divisions and five outlets in retail in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana There are also five distributors in Suriname, Grenada, Barbados, Saint Martin and Saint Lucia respectively.

“Mr. Dalgliesh will be proudly remembered as a pioneer of local businesses and a strong advocate of commerce.”

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