Towie Babe Can’t Wait To Be Loved With Her Co-Star James For Christmas


Couple Towie Yaz and James Lock are celebrating their first anniversary next month, which means it’s their first festive season as a couple.

And they’ll spend it with the two families in Morocco, which Yaz says will look like the comedy film Meet The Fockers.

She says, “My dad has a villa in Marrakech, so James and his family are going out with my family for Christmas.

“It’s going to be a bit like Meet The Fockers! Last year my family and I went there for a month and that’s when I started talking to James.

“I had known him for a long time because he was close to my brother, but we had always been banned out of respect for my brother and because he had a girlfriend.

“We talked every day for a month. And watch us now!

COUPLE: Yaz and James Lock celebrate their first birthday next month

The couple, who live together, have been criticized for moving too fast, but Yaz says they couldn’t be happier.

They recently took advantage of a trip to Rome for Lockie’s birthday.

And while she isn’t expecting a marriage proposal yet, Yaz is convinced it won’t be too far.

She says, “A lot of people thought we weren’t going to work because we moved pretty quickly, but it worked for us. I have the impression that we have engaged a lot and settled down.

“I don’t think he will propose at Christmas – I think it’s too early.

“But it would be nice if it was in the next two years. No pressure James!

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The couple had to contend with Lockie’s ex-Danielle Armstrong, who cast a shadow over their romance.

James and Danielle dated for four years and lived together, but separated a number of times before quitting for good.

But after reuniting with Yazmin, the two women ended up quarreling, publicly insulting and even fighting at an Essex restaurant, with Danni insisting that James still loved her.

Danni made a surprise appearance on the Towie Halloween episode and the trio seemed to make their peace.

So will the reconciliation last?

“I’m not the type to have arguments and arguments in public, so I tried to keep the peace,” said Yazmin, 24.

“I don’t think there was a reason we had the falling out in the first place.

“Now that we have reconciled it has been fun and I hope it stays that way.

“She looked really adorable on the Halloween episode and I’m glad we were able to sort out our differences. She seemed sincere in wanting James and I to be happy, so I can only continue with what she said and how she acted.

“Maybe we can be friends.”

Yazmin, who has a 2: 1 degree in media communication and cultural studies from Newcastle University, was criticized earlier this year after telling Lockie that cleaning was a ‘girl’s thing’ and that men were not. should not do certain household chores.

And she supports those views which saw the show labeled sexist.

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“I am strong in my values. I make money myself and I do not rely on a man,” she added.

“I also like to cook, clean and take care of my man. Why can’t women do both?

“I love cleaning, I love doing laundry. I appreciate.

“James doesn’t help with the cleanup at all. It’s just the way I was brought up. My mom really takes care of my dad.

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“My father doesn’t lift a finger around the house.

“I like taking care of my partner and I’m not ashamed to say it.”

James will also have to ask permission from Yaz’s father if he decides to ask the question.

Yaz said, “Without my father’s blessing, I couldn’t get married. I would expect James to ask for his permission.

“Luckily my dad loves James. We stayed with them for a bit because our new home is quite a distance away and they love it.

“My mother brings him fruit plates and whatever he wants to eat and my nan ironed his pants.”

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“They will beg him to marry me!”

The couple have also called themselves an Essex ‘powerful couple’.

And Yaz adds, “We are the Snow Queen and the Snow King of Essex.

“100% the power couple from Essex.”

Styling: Marie McCaver

Hair and Makeup: Steven Shander

Watch the Towie Christmas Special Sunday December 17th on ITVBe.

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