There would be a reason why thousands of Haitians arrived in Texas on Mexican Independence Day


President Biden is widely criticized for the way his administration treats the estimated 15,000 Haitians who gathered on the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas earlier this month. The Department of Homeland Security returns hundreds of Haitians to their chaotic homeland, though most of them appear to have traveled to the US border after long residences in South America, and frees hundreds of them. others in the United States with orders to appear before immigration judges. .

“On the ground, in terms of who gets parole in the country and who gets deported, it seems to be subjective,” said Politicsby Jack Herrera, who spent several days in Del Rio reporting on the “draconian” situation. “Decisions are made on the ground by border patrol officers. It’s not a very clear chain of command. When that happens, you get a bizarre mix of deterrence and random pity.” He said it now appears that there are around 5,000 people left in makeshift camps under the bridge between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña in Mexico, adding: “However, it’s still a zoo.”

But there is also the question of why so many migrants, mostly Haitians, showed up at the Acuña border post at the same time. This date, September 16, seems to be important.

“From my interviews with some Haitian migrants as well as with the lawyers who interviewed many of these people, it seems that this was a complicated rumor that people were allowed to cross the border at Del Rio. “, Herrera said PoliticsNightly news bulletin “The reason they all arrived on the same day was actually that they arrived on Mexican Independence Day. Because Mexican immigration authorities clamped down on movement throughout the region, migrants have thought that during the Independence Day celebration they would be distracted and it would have been easier to travel. “

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