Tasmania’s COVID Contact Tracing Process Set to Be Shaken | Avocado

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The list of exhibition sites in Tasmania is about to be rocked with the list of casual contact sites being removed. State public health director Dr Mark Veitch said the public health contact tracing team will be making a “lighter touch” when it comes to contact tracing due to the severity reduced from the Omicron strain. “We will place less emphasis on casual contact, which means we will not always list casual contact sites,” he said. “If anyone has been to a site, which could previously have been classified as a casual contact site, we will carefully review it and decide whether it should be listed as a close contact site and, if so, the will manage accordingly. ” Dr Veitch said the decision came following last week’s National Cabinet meeting and was a way to make contact tracing “more sustainable”. He said the aim was to continue to achieve “good public health results” but not “to disrupt the whole of society”. Dr Veitch described the contact tracing processes and how, if occasional, low-risk sites were a major part of the effort, a “very large proportion of the state” would soon be linked to a positive COVID case. “We’re going to go pretty quickly over the next two weeks (…) a little risk that you may have encountered coronavirus recently,” he said. “We want everyone in Tasmania, in a sense , be aware that he could have been at a low risk exposure site or even an occasional exposure site at any time … and if he is showing symptoms or realizes that he ‘I have been close of someone who is a case, to take a test. “Despite changes to contact tracing and soaring COVID cases due to the highly transmissible, but less serious Omicron strain, Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said he had confidence in the systems in place. “The systems are working as they should,” he said. “In the next few days as we work on this issue with low contact sites risk and occasional, if it is necessary to update, we crazy We will review this information as more advice is provided. “