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Monday’s baseball game had a bit of everything – clutch shots, crucial pitching moments, three double plays and oh yeah… suicidal pressure from the clean-up hitter.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent High needed every bit of that formula to shake off visiting American Canyon, 7-5, on a sultry afternoon between the two non-league foes.

Suicide pressure came for the Bruins at the bottom of the sixth as cleaning man Mason Reynolds filed a textbook decay with Joseph Guttmann coming home. When American Canyon couldn’t find the ball cleanly, Saul Barba also scored vigilantly.

Those two insurance runs were crucial as Wolves (0-5) made it a one-run game in the upper half of the inning and even took the home plate kickoff in the seventh before St. .Pat does not close it.

“It was my idea,” St. Pat head coach Brandon Brown said of the pressure. “In this situation, the game demanded it. There was an out and our No. 4 hitter was in place and the infield was back. (American Canyon) wasn’t expecting it and we sneaked it up. ”

St. Patrick-St. Vincent’s shortstop Wyatt Smith receives the baton to score Antonnio Lawson of American Canyon as he attempted to stretch a doubles single in the fifth inning of the Bruins’ 7-5 win (Joel Rosenbaum – The Reporter)

Barba played a big part in the game, hitting in three runs, including a two-out double and two runs in a three-run second inning.

American Canyon second baseman Dayvon Lucas rushed in and nearly made the play, but the ball sank into the lip of the outfield, allowing Jaden Collins and Guttmann to score and Barba to score. grab the second base.

I saw him with the tip of his glove, he went straight over there and I saw the shortstop following the ball, ”said Barba. “I saw the bag open and took it.”

The Bruins had six solid innings from lean right-hander Davis Kennedy. The sophomore worked on major jams almost every inning, but three double plays and a sensational throw from center fielder Stefan Foley in the fifth inning helped limit further damage.

“We have a lot of confidence in him,” said Brown. “He’s only a sophomore, but he’s one of our aces. We have two or three aces on this team. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Kennedy might have gotten the key to the game in the sixth when he prompted Oregon State-linked Tyree Reed to rebound with the bases loaded and the Bruins hanging on to a point lead. .

“Even with guys on the base, I feel like I have a team behind me that can play defense,” Kennedy said. “I can just throw to a place, we have a ball on the ground and we can do a double play.”

The Bruins led 5-0 after scoring two more in the fourth inning. Alan Cordova walked to lead the set, stole the second, was thrown wild in the third and scored on the ground ball chosen by Barba’s defender. Wyatt Smith followed up with a single RBI to strike Guttmann.

Wolves (0-5) went 5-3 with a three-point fifth. With one out, Lucas walked, Vinne Espejo made a single and on Jordan Fisher’s return Kennedy threw the ball away, allowing Lucas to score. Two hitters later, Kennedy walked Reed with the bases loaded to force into a run and Ryan Mitchell’s RBI single hit Fisher for the third inning.

American Canyon closed at 5-4 in the sixth when Lucas singled out and scored on Riley Carlos’ singles.

Suicide pressure down the sixth gave the Bruins a three-point cushion, but the Wolves threatened again in the seventh against the reliever Smith. Mitchell was hit with a pitch to start the inning and scored on Antonnio Lawson’s single scorer.

Smith, however, took out Lucas and Espejo to end the game with runners in the first and second row.

The game of the match for St. Pat’s came without an out in the fifth when Lawson kicked the ball into the sideline, but Foley (center-back) tracked him down, relayed it to Barba (second baseman) ), which launched a strike. to Smith (the shortstop) just before Lawson slipped in second.

Brown admitted he had a strong defensive team he could count on.

“Our program is based on defense,” he said. “It is the cornerstone of our program. Our bats might not be lit every day, but we want our defense to be active so our pitchers can trust them to get out of situations.

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