St. Kitts government cuts ‘vaccination in place’ for travelers


The government of St. Kitts and Nevis has reduced “on-site vacations” from four to one day for fully vaccinated international air travelers arriving in the Federation of the Twin Islands.

He said within 24 hours of arrival, travelers staying in their “Travel Approved” tourist accommodation will be tested.

“Upon receiving a negative RT PCR test, travelers will be able to fully integrate into the Federation, including dining at restaurants, enjoying the ambiance at one of the local beach bars on” The Strip ”, By visiting our one-of-a-kind. gracious attractions, cruising the clear waters, hiking the volcano, shopping in our local craft markets or just relaxing on one of our beaches, ”according to an official statement posted here.

In May, the government announced that only fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter the Federation and that exemptions have been put in place for citizens and residents as well as children under 18 accompanying their fully vaccinated parents or guardians. .

The government has said that a traveler is considered fully vaccinated when two weeks have passed since receiving their second dose of a series of two-dose vaccines or two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine.

Authorities have said previously announced travel requirements for unvaccinated travelers are null and void and proof of vaccination is a scanned copy of the traveler’s official COVID-19 vaccination card.

“After submitting their vaccination card and filling out their travel authorization form, once verified, international travelers will receive authorization for their vaccination card and a KN number,” the statement said, adding that the traveler must complete the travel authorization form on the national form. website, including uploading proof of vaccination and proof of booking at an approved hotel.

The statement said travel restrictions for Brazil, India and South Africa remain in place, with people from those destinations being denied entry into the federation.



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