Spark migrates to Genesys Cloud CX contact center platform

Spark has completed its migration to the Genesys Cloud CX contact center platform from its previous mix of legacy contact center technologies.

The secure and flexible cloud-based solution enables New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and digital services company to further transform its customer experience and improve service delivery.

Spark employs over 1,400 people in customer support roles in its contact center, virtual and retail channels across Aotearoa for Spark and its subsidiary Skinny, and an offshore call center in Manila. The team responds to numerous calls, messages and inquiries daily.

Spark wanted its contact center technology to support its customer service vision: front-line teams able to move to where the demand is greatest, respond to customers in faster turnaround times, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. effectively. Implementing Genesys Cloud CX, a public cloud contact center platform, allowed Spark to streamline the implementation of its Unified Frontline strategy in support of this vision.

Unified Frontline is a business model developed by Spark that hones the skills of its customer-facing teams across various disciplines, then shifts the teams to meet the ebbs and flows of customer needs. Staff working in a Spark store can respond to contact center inquiries when the store is quiet, or contact center teams can move in to support a specific call queue when customer demand arises. increases as expected due to an outage.

“As we already offer Genesys Cloud CX to our business customers, we understood the benefits of the solution offered. It has been great to work with Genesys on our own business, to help us personalize and improve our customers’ experience and streamline our contact center operations.
The initial implementation of Genesys Cloud CX was a remarkably smooth process and we can see how it is already supporting our Unified Frontline strategy coming to life,” said James Palmer-Dale, Chapter Lead of Customer Engagement Solutions, Spark.

“With the core contact center solution in place and new weekly customer-focused features from Genesys, we are well positioned to expand our customer service capability across voice and digital channels, and benefit from the bot, intelligence artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to further improve services to our customers, engaging with them where they want to talk to us, for example in a situation such as an unexpected breakdown, rather than waiting in line our customers will be able to subscribe to updates and automatically initiate corrective offers, such as additional data or call forwarding.

“Spark is even better equipped to approach every customer interaction with empathy, knowing it has the tools to deliver an exceptional experience and personalized service across all touchpoints. With Genesys Cloud CX, they have access to an integrated and secure platform. We are thrilled to be part of Spark’s vision to revolutionize customer service,” said Kim Duncan, New Zealand Partner Account Director at Genesys.

Moving to the Genesys Cloud CX solution also reduced Spark’s technology footprint, with the migration reducing the number of servers required from 300 servers across multiple sites to just 12.

“Because we spend less time on maintenance, we can implement new developments more quickly, which opens up opportunities for us to innovate,” says Palmer-Dale.