Solgari launches contact center solution for Microsoft Teams

Unified communications provider Solgari has launched its new contact center solution for Microsoft Teams. The tool brings new automated, agent-assisted customer service, sales and marketing capabilities to Teams users and their customers.

The Teams application is based on Solgari’s solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service which was launched in 2021. It enables additional communication channels for inbound and outbound customer engagement including SMS, WhatsApp, media social and voice.

Agents can switch conversations with colleagues and customers using the tool’s multi-session management and real-time reporting dashboards. The solution can leverage the integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 by providing a case management capability that adds relevant communications within customer entity timelines. Solgari for Microsoft Teams can also be used independently of Dynamics 365.

“Solgari for Microsoft Teams responds to demand from Teams users to use the app for customer service and sales, putting Teams at the center of customer communications,” said Marcel McCann, Chief Technology Officer at Solgari. “Delivered on Azure and leveraging our Solgari application for Dynamics 365, Solgari provides a scalable and holistic solution that gives any Teams user access to any communication channel, all contact center and case management to address their own industry use cases. We’re excited to extend our deep integration with Microsoft with this high-value, customer-focused solution for the modern workplace.

Business leaders can use the solution to access data from unified communication channels, while customers can benefit from a wide range of industry-specific use cases, such as outreach to healthcare professionals. , the proper provision of remote financial advisory services or after-sales support in manufacturing. and retail.

“Solgari leverages Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to deliver a high-value, cloud-based contact center solution to Teams users,” said Ben Summers, director of marketing for Teams and Microsoft 365 platform at Microsoft. “Solgari’s integration with Microsoft Teams gives Teams users an all-channel, cloud-based contact center solution that quickly responds to the sales and support needs of their customers across many industries.”

Watch a demo of Solgari for Microsoft Teams.