So what is the contact center forecast for 2022?

So what will 2020 look like for contact centers? What’s going to be hot? What will the trend be for 2022?
We asked the experts at NICE to examine their crystal ball – the results may surprise you.

Chris Bauserman, vice-president, NICE CXone
Digital transformation will become “generationless”

There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption. In almost two years, non-digital natives have grown more digitally comfortable, and as such, the demand for more digital customer service touchpoints that help these consumers and their specific needs has increased. By 2022, digital transformation will become “generationless” as brands continue on this new trajectory. With more digitally savvy consumers across all generational groups, brands will be able to usher in a much larger digital component, with mobile and self-service finally gaining the upper hand.

Empathetic customer service will be the norm

Above all else, consumers are looking for a more personalized experience, especially given the sense of isolation and separation over the past year and a half. Whether it’s AI-powered chatbots, self-service or traditional customer service agents, for businesses to successfully refine their brand and retain customers, they not only need to find the right mix. customer communications – enough to help, but not to the point of wasting time. – but also identify the right mix of technology and human communication to express the empathy necessary to deal with the complex and unique emotions of each client.

Not now, but now – customers will demand instant gratification

Customers want service, and they want it now. Over the past 18 months, consumer expectations have surged as more customers turn to online engagement instead of physical locations. When customers interact with their favorite brands, the common denominator of every engagement is the demand for instant gratification, regardless of the channel. Whether it is to solve a problem, check a balance, make an appointment or any other need; customers expect speed, efficiency, and seamless interaction with minimal effort spent. In 2022, brands will realize the value of existing digital technology that will deliver ‘micro-moments’ of instant gratification – at scale across all channels – through self-service that really works or well-prepared agents. This will have a cumulative impact on a more meaningful and sustainable customer experience.

Andrew Traba, Product Manager – Customer Engagement Analysis, NICE
Proactive not reactive – brands will initiate more communications

Over the next five years, we will see greater growth in customer expectations than we have experienced in the previous fifteen. As a result, 2022 will require brands to use AI and analytics to acquire insight and learn more about their customers before they even contact. Knowing information such as which service or data the customer may be looking for, when consumers engage with outgoing messaging, what their preferred channel is and how and which point of contact is best to connect with them will be strength. driving force for brands to better control the conversation – and have more meaningful interactions downright. And, in order to build trust, appreciation and loyalty, brands need to move away from “spamming” and use more proactive communication to add value. This will involve the use of automated systems such as intelligent and proactive AI-based conversational chatbots to guide users through research and early troubleshooting.

Brands will invest more than ever in “frontline” CX employees

Now more than ever, businesses understand the value of a positive customer experience in order to maintain brand loyalty. With the pandemic disrupting the dynamics of the labor market leading Americans to early retirements, career changes and what is currently known as ‘The Great Resignation’, brands must evolve in order to keep workers in the face of a downturn. acute labor shortage. Brands will use AI and analytics to guide employees through interactions and recommend the next best actions, as well as automate the most basic tasks so agents can focus on delivering better, more empathetic experiences. . Brands will invest more in training frontline workers, using AI and analytics to ensure they are well prepared to solve even the most complex queries.

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