Seven ways cloud-based contact center technologies can improve employee engagement –

Engaged employees are more passionate about their work and proactively contribute to improving a company and its reputation.

In fact, a study from global analytics and consulting firm Gallup confirms the strong link between high employee engagement and better business results – regardless of industry and company size – whether economic conditions are good or bad.

Shawn Gradwell, Solutions Architect at eNetworks

“The contact center has become essential in helping to improve the overall customer experience – both external and internal – of an organization,” said Shawn Gradwell, solutions architect at eNetworks, a Datacentrix company. “And cloud technologies are bringing significant value in this area, especially for internal customers, by helping to improve employee engagement levels through better collaboration among team members, which is important for the company.” social interaction and team cohesion.

1. The right tools

Cloud-based contact center technologies help improve employee engagement in several ways. “Having the right tools in place is an important consideration for better employee engagement,” says Gradwell. “Cloud solutions can empower contact center employees by enabling them to work efficiently from home or anywhere, maintaining their status within the team and keeping them engaged using technology systems that they are motivated to use.”

2. User-friendly interface and workflow automation

Next-generation cloud-based call center services create efficiencies that support employees in their work by delivering the service in an easy-to-use and understandable application available on their computers or mobile phones.

Custom workflows can be automatically integrated into existing ERP, CRM and ITSM systems, reducing duplication, manual tasks and errors.

3. Reliable information in real time

“Another key consideration is that the analytics power and speed of the cloud is unmatched and has increased reporting depth and visibility into contact center services. Not only does this empower employees, but real-time statistics bring greater accountability to the team. Reliable data improves and opens communication within teams, which improves teamwork and builds trust. »

4. Access to data-driven insights and trends

“Additionally, cloud technologies provide live data feeds and comprehensive data-driven insights, allowing management to adapt business strategies based on identified trends. It also gives managers the opportunity to stay on top of their teams’ performance and identify areas for improvement.

5. Employee Coaching

Gradwell goes on to say that cloud technologies also provide coaching opportunities for employees. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates a sentiment score on calls made to the service desk. The nature of customer feedback in phone calls, text messages, emails and chat sessions can be properly assessed and used as coaching opportunities to ensure staff are better equipped to handle various service call situations.Recordings are retained and transcribed automatically to support training initiatives.

6. Tailor-made mentorship and recognition

Supervisors can also provide one-on-one mentoring to individuals as they analyze and compare scores against the floor average. These scores mean that supervisors are more likely to recognize employee performance and express their appreciation of staff more regularly. »

7. Improved management

Modern cloud contact center technologies provide users with an easy-to-use, intuitive and experience-driven user interface that allows managers and supervisors to modify call flows, route and configure IVR messages quickly and immediately voice synthesis, without any intervention from the IT department. support or delays while a ticket is queued for an engineer. This allows supervisors to make decisions quickly to improve team performance in each unique situation.

Constant employee engagement improves the physical and mental well-being of employees,” continues Gradwell. “A well-implemented cloud contact center solution supports employee well-being by enabling team leaders to more regularly and meaningfully engage with employees, from timely issue resolution, to through behavior change, recognition and reward of employee performance, etc.”