Senator Nancy: LGUs are essential to strengthen border control and contact tracing

PHILIPPINES, August 1 – Press release
August 1, 2022

Containing monkeypox before it becomes another pandemic

…wants DOH to assign special units to hospitals, launches information campaign

“Over the past few years, we have seen glaring gaps in our response to the Covid pandemic. This time, we hope the DOH and DILG are better prepared to handle monkeypox so that we can contain future possibilities. epidemic.”

Such was the reaction of Senator Nancy Binay when she asked the Department of Health to strengthen its preparedness and response capabilities to further prevent undetected transmission of the monkeypox virus.

The senator also urged the Department of Home Affairs and Local Government to reactivate the hotlines and review coordination at the local level with the LGUs in terms of surveillance and border control to ensure that the transmission of the virus can be immediately contained.

“Naririyan na yung framework na ginamit natin at the height of the Covid pandemic. We can merge the 3T strategy (trace, test, treat) on Covid with the current DOH 4-door strategy (prevention, detect, isolate, treat) against monkeypox,” Binay pointed out.

According to her, the DOH and DILG must embark on an education campaign and impose surveillance and border control measures amid the ensuing threat of Covid-19 and the monkeypox virus.

“Given our low vaccination rate against Covid-19 in highly vulnerable provinces, as well as the slowness of booster shots, the threat of monkeypox adds to our response to the Covid pandemic. Dahil na rin sa pandemic fatigue, medyo nag-relax na tayo sa border control. Unfortunately, napakakulang at mahina para ing ating local and national contact tracing capacity. Just hope DOH and DILG can initiate or scale up looking for contracts now that monkeypox and Covid are likely to strain our already overstretched pandemic response program,” Binay added.

According to Binay, the DOH should also launch an information campaign on how to prevent the acquisition or spread of the virus in accordance with the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization, with an emphasis on the application of measures. preventive measures since monkeypox is a public health emergency.

“There are no home testing kits for monkeypox, but RITM is now equipped to detect the virus. special units to deal with monkeypox cases and strengthening the clinical management, coordination, treatment, vaccination capacity at iba pang kailangan needed to prevent the spread of the virus Guidance should also be given to LGUs, as the Contact tracing is an essential public health tool that can help contain the virus,” Binay said.

The WHO noted that monkeypox – a rare disease caused by an orthopox virus – is not necessarily a serious threat but has spread rapidly around the world due to new transmission routes.