Royal Bahamian Police fail in ongoing human trafficking operation, seize ship

Royal Bahamian Police fail in ongoing human trafficking operation, seize ship

Royal Bahamian Police recently seized a 50-foot cabin cruiser on suspicion of transporting illegal migrants there. This seizure is yet another attempt by the police to derail another human trafficking operation.

The police team sprang into action and planned the operation after witnessing suspicious activity near Crystal Cay in New Providence. Thursday midnight, the information was given, and Friday morning, the operation took place.

After reaching the location according to the information provided, the police spotted the ship at the scene. The ship named ‘My Weakness’ which was seized at the port.

According to some reports, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, a man who was driving the ship, fled and escaped law enforcement.

RBDF said in a statement: “As a result, the vessel has been taken to the base at Coral Harbor where further investigations are ongoing. A thorough search of the craft and the surrounding area was carried out by the Marines and the K9 unit and no individuals were found at the scene.

Royal Bahamian Police confirmed that at the site, they captured 14 illegal migrants, including 5 women and 9 men in the area. Further investigations are underway on this issue.

In recent weeks, this incident is the latest in a series of operations against human trafficking.

A few weeks ago, a fisherman informed that he saw an alleged Haitian vessel half-submerged in the waters off Flamingo Cay.

According to the RBDF press release, 400 Haitian nationals are supposed to be removed from the abandoned cayenne of the Ragged Island chain. This was revealed in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force statement on Monday.

Flamingo and Water Cays, Ragged Island were the areas where different groups of suspects were seen. After obtaining this information, Operation Bahamas Trucks and Caicos went to the areas where the suspected individuals were seen.

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