Resignation fears as stratification plane coordinates exposed

Until then, there is a more modest information-gathering proposal that some strata professionals fear will see senior committee members resign en masse while others are reluctant to replace them.

From June 30, schemes will be required to log all sorts of details about themselves. Controversially, these will include the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the strata secretary, president, strata manager, building manager and emergency contact (if any). has a).

This information will be available to anyone listed on the Condominium List, including landlords, rental agents and tenants, all of whom are required by law to be listed.

“In a building of 100 lots, [the information] would be available conservatively for 500 people among owners and tenants. Nothing prevents this information from being passed on to others,” Lance O’Loughlin, a strata manager at Absolute Strata Management, told Flat Chat.

“It’s hard enough to find volunteers in the current state of affairs. It’s not going to help.

The information that must be passed to the hub, under threat of heavy fines, also includes basic facts like the strata plan number, its address, how many lots it contains and what they are used for – residential, commercial, utilities or “other”. .

Schemes will also need to state if and when occupancy and fire safety certificates were issued, whether they have a NABERS durability rating and how many floors above ground the building is and its insured replacement value. .

All of this information is invaluable when authorities try to get a sense of the workings of the strata scene, ostensibly so they can plan for the future.

It also lets landlords, tenants and agents know where the blockage is at in terms of issues such as documentation and durability. Investor owners, in particular, will benefit from the ability to directly contact key players in their blocks.

But it is the personal contact details of the presidents and secretaries of the committees that are sounding the alarm in certain quarters.

Some members of the strata committee office may feel that showing up to meetings and submitting to random, unfocused complaints from angry residents is as much for their peace of mind as they are willing to sacrifice.

Having their phone number and email address available to everyone who lives in or owns the building will be too far – or too close – reach for many.

So far this is only happening in New South Wales. But you can bet it will spread to other states if the expected government benefits ensue.

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