Reed in Partnership Cloud Contact Center Platform

Reed in partnership embarks on its exciting growth journey using a cloud-based contact center platform

About Reed in Partnership – Founded in 1998, one of Reed in Partnership’s core missions is to positively transform people and their communities.

With hundreds of thousands of people across the UK benefiting from access to a Reed in Partnership service and using it to improve their lives, the organization prides itself on having diversified its activities across multiple sectors.

Reed in Partnership’s services range from expert advice, business support, online assessments, employment, health, justice, recruitment support, skills and training, and the youth.

With a vital commitment to making a difference in communities and meeting its contractual requirements, Reed in Partnership initially sought a call recording system to manage its growing inbound and outbound calls. It was then that Reed in Partnership began discussions with Business Systems regarding their contact center needs and soon realized that a call recording system was just the tip of the iceberg.

An exciting project was then launched to customize NICE CXone – a cloud-based contact center solution that would not only record incoming and outgoing calls, but would also:

– route calls to the right agent

– help manage contracts across multiple offices

– offer remote working flexibility

– provide custom agent dashboards

– and most importantly, to be one of the pillars of Reed in Partnerships’ sensational growth journey from a service provider to a traditional, high-performance contact center.

As Nick Hughes, Regional Director at Reed in Partnership says,

“We understood that we needed to approach the market for a flexible call handling solution, but we needed a direction that would work for us. The enterprise systems approach made it possible to customize a solution we didn’t realize we needed, ticking all of our boxes and fulfilling all of our requirements for the different contracts we manage.

Challenges before NICE CXone implementation
Identify peak periods

Prior to implementing CXone, Reed in Partnership struggled with a lack of calling functionality. The current setup allowed little to no visibility into call analytics and call traffic volumes were unpredictable. Identifying peak contact times and the personnel needed to meet those requirements was an uphill battle.

Identify agent availability and performance

With its original setup, Reed in Partnership found it difficult to assign the right agent with the right skills to handle incoming calls. Working from an Excel spreadsheet to manage available agents and expertise had become an expensive and error-prone task

Improve customer satisfaction

Prior to the implementation of CXone, the lack of a call queuing system impacted customer satisfaction as well as the customer journey. Recognizing the need to demonstrate to its customers what the organization was doing to improve its services and operations, Reed in Partnership needed a sophisticated call handling system to meet its growing demands.

Benefits of Implementing Cloud Based Call Management with NICE CXone
Skills-Based Call Routing

By implementing a cloud-based contact center solution, Reed in Partnership is now able to successfully manage the flow of information when an incoming call arrives. If a customer calls, the system now ensures that an introduction to the company is played. Additionally, the system can now perform automatic routing, based on how long the customer has been waiting.

In terms of call flow, the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) ensures that the call is quickly routed to the right agent with the right skills. This worked particularly well for Reed in Partnership where some contracts may require agents to access multiple databases. With skills-based routing, the call can then be rerouted based on the agent’s particular skill in accessing and understanding different databases.

Agent competence

In addition to skills-based routing, Reed in Partnership also uses agent skill scores to ensure smooth onboarding of new employees. By using the agent skill, the system ensures that the skill level is set to a lower level for newcomers and automatically increases week by week. This ensures that new agents do not handle the volume of calls that more experienced agents handle. It also allows agents to be onboarded in an unpressurized manner.

Appeal Submissions

With the new system in place, Reed in Partnership can now perform detailed call observations using the system’s feature-rich call functionality. For example, agents and supervisors can now tag calls during or after the interaction. A call feature such as this allows agents to tag a contact with one or more tags during an interaction. These tags can then be assigned to interactions that possess a certain characteristic.

Additionally, if an agent now receives a call from a contact for which they have applied labels, their agent interface will display a list of all those associated labels. For example, Reed in Partnership now uses call tagging functionality to track the volume of calls received, for employment services by employment center.

In addition to call tagging, agents can now also assign a tag describing the outcome of a call. By tracking call results, Reed in Partnership can now gain valuable insights, which can then be used to optimize the performance of its agents.

As Nick Hughes comments,

“Having the ability to perform detailed call observations has encouraged Reed in Partnership to implement an observation framework where supervisors now listen to 4/5 agent calls per month. In fact, the establishment of this framework formed the basis of the Reed in Partnerships performance model. »

Personalized contact center
Performance Dashboards

By investing in a cloud-based contact center solution, Reed in Partnership can now create personalized real-time dashboards for each of its contracts and offices. Dashboards display essential contact center information, such as agent availability and call queues. Custom dashboards also allow Reed in Partnership to drill down into reasons why agents may not be available to take calls, such as long wrap-up times or agent scheduling issues.

Using dashboards, supervisors can also see their own team’s performance, overall office performance, and contract-level performance. Having visibility into overall, granular productivity has allowed Reed in Partnership to establish baselines for its call handling, rather than just focusing on availability to take calls.

As Nick Hughes says,

“The management information available through the NICE CXone solution has allowed Reed in Partnership to better understand how customers perceive our service. It has allowed us to excel and grow our operations, which means we are not just a call manager, but a successful contact center. Call management is now at the heart of our business.

Remote work flexibility

Investing in a cloud contact center platform has provided Reed in Partnership with more flexibility than ever before. As the organization had already planned the rollout of its digital workplace with the help of NICE CXone before the 2020 pandemic, Reed in Partnership was well prepared for the start of remote working.

As CXone is a cloud-based software platform, the system is accessible to all agents who have a laptop and a good internet connection. Additionally, a cloud-based model also means that no software installation is required at setup time.

Along with the benefit of the flexibility of working remotely, Reed in Partnership has also benefited from the ability to scale up or down its agents as needed. With significant fluctuations depending on the services offered and in which sector, Reed in Partnership can now monitor peaks and troughs by assessing its staffing levels accordingly.

With a cloud contact center model, the organization is now also able to scale up and down, paying only for seats used.

CXone was set up by Business Systems several years ago and is now firmly integrated into the organization.
To ensure that the solution is used to the best of its ability, an enterprise systems quality and training consultant conducted two separate sessions – one for supervisors to understand how to manage the system and custom dashboards in time real, and one for agents to understand how to manage call management and dashboards.

In fact, the training sessions provided by Business Systems were so valuable that they are now part of the standard onboarding of new agents into the company.

In terms of support management, Reed in Partnership can now also access a dashboard detailing all of its registered support cases and the progress of each case.
Additionally, the organization has regular catch-up calls with its Business Systems account manager to verify that everything is going as it should.

As Nick Hughes comments,

“The BSL team provided excellent support and training sessions. Everyone’s feedback Reed staff in partnership involved in new processes was very positive. the contact both the Service Desk and engineers have was superb and everyone was very helpful in solving all the problems resolved quickly. »

The future

Implementing a cloud-based call management system for contact centers was truly a turning point for Reed in Partnership. It has enabled the organization to excel in customer service and accelerate performance. To further excel, Reed in Partnership is now planning to implement a workforce management system to plan and schedule its agents effectively.

The benefits derived from investing in NICE CXone have played a key role in Reed in Partnerships’ mission – to positively transform people and
their communities.

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