Recommended Reading: The Fate of Apple and Google’s Contact Search Technology

The U.S. digital contact tracing debacle

Charlie Warzel, Atlantic

Unless you live in a few specific states, you probably never had the chance to use the contact tracing system that was the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Apple and Google. Ultimately, there are several reasons the technology never took off in the United States, from issues of general public privacy to the federal government’s inability to deviate from its vaccination or destruction strategy. .

Athletic set out to destroy the newspapers. Then it became one.

Bryan Curtis, The ring

The New York Times spends $ 550 million on a subscription sports media site and its wealth of journalistic talent. Not so long ago, its founder told the newspaper that bought it that he wanted to replace the local newspapers, with a plan to “let them bleed continuously until we were the last ones standing.” Today the site is part of one of the largest newspapers in the country.

The epic rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes

David Streitfeld, The New York Times

After this week’s fraud verdict, there’s a look back at the Theranos leader’s play and some of the people she brought with it.

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