Quantum Metric integrates with ServiceNow to reduce contact center frustration

Quantum Metric, the continuous product design platform for customer-centric digital experiences, announced an integration with ServiceNow to extend understanding of individual customer experiences.

Direct integration of Quantum Metric’s session replay technology into the ServiceNow® platform fills an information gap for the contact center, empowering teams to quickly understand, empathize and resolve customer frustrations more efficiently. Quantum Metric built-in proofreading is available in the ServiceNow store.

The customer relationship is the main competitive battleground, and a poor customer experience (CX) can quickly damage a brand’s reputation. Quantum Metric Embedded Replay will be available across all ServiceNow® workflows and will allow users to seamlessly switch to Quantum Metric session replay without leaving the ServiceNow® user interface.

Customer service agents will have the ability to watch 100% of customer sessions, in real time, allowing them to gain insight into the exact customer experience and build empathy with each customer experience. Customer service teams can easily share these pain points with customers across the organization, collaborating with IT and UX teams to prioritize a fix.

Visualizing the experience will also improve the employee experience, increase productivity, and continue to improve the quality of service each agent is able to provide.

Organizations will be able to improve their use of the ServiceNow® and Quantum Metric platforms through:

  • Session search and anomaly detection: Using natural language text or Quantum Metric’s predefined anomaly detection, agents can jump right to key moments in the customer’s session, reducing case resolution time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Simplified incident escalation process: With the ability to cross-reference session and user details with known issues, agents can reduce the number of escalations. With replays automatically associated with incidents, engineering can easily reproduce and quickly diagnose customer issues.
  • Secure and transparent access: Tokenized authentication and default encryption protocols ensure that no PII is exposed and eliminates the need for ServiceNow users to authenticate with Quantum Metric to view session replays.

“Being able to capture customer information is table stakes. It’s time we started focusing more on using data to drive action,” said Mario Ciabara, CEO of Quantum Metric. “What it takes is the ability to empathize with each step of the customer journey to fuel action with insight. By working with ServiceNow, we will empower teams to harness empathy and understanding in every customer interaction, while breaking down the silos that limit the organization’s ability to innovate and grow.

About quantum metrics

As a pioneer in continuous product design, Quantum Metric helps organizations put customers at the heart of everything they do. The Quantum Metric platform reinforces a customer-centric culture, using quantified empathy to align sales and technical teams to effectively prioritize customer needs based on business impact. Today, Quantum Metric collects information from 20% of internet users worldwide, supporting nationally recognized brands in e-commerce and retail, travel, financial services and telecommunications. In January 2021, Quantum Metric secured its spot as the year’s top tech unicorn with a valuation over $1 billion and a Series B funding round of $200 million.

For more information on Quantum Metric, visit quantummetric.com.