QPC connects Anglicare to the Genesys Contact Center platform

Peter Levine, CPQ

Credit: QPC

QPC, a Melbourne-based managed services provider, was instrumental in Anglicare’s transition to implementing the Genesys Contact Center solution.

Flashing back to 2018, Anglicare’s customer contact center manager Roy Hazelwood said he was using an old proprietary system that lacked functionality to offer customers choice in interaction channels.

“It limited our ability for business continuity and redundancy,” Hazelwood said. “We recognized that compared to other companies, our customers had little choice in how to interact with us and calls were often triaged twice for services requiring advice or community services.

“We also lacked timely and objective measurement of customer sentiment and staff performance for coaching purposes.”

Listening to staff concerns about the tools and systems available and how this affected their ability to perform at their best, Hazelwood began considering the options on the table.

He felt that upgrading the current system was far too expensive and would require a long lead time, along with the inconvenience of updates and system crashes.

“A cloud-based system was easy and quick to implement, system updates are effectively instantaneous. It also provided agility with a customer contact platform and responsive external support,” said he declared.

Four years later, changes to address these factors were implemented through the deployment of QPC’s Genesys contact center solution with call recording and agent coaching capabilities.

Hazelwood said it is also exploring customer sentiment analysis with the Call Journey app as part of the contact center platform.

Hazelwood highlighted the timely solution and, with the help of QPC, enabled rapid expansion of contact center coverage during the COVID-19 outbreak, improved its customer experience with streamlined interactive voice response (IVR) enabling efficient connection to Anglicare sales and services and enhanced customer choice capability with multiple interaction channels now available including voice, email, chat and SMS, and choice of automated reminders to suit of their schedules.

The new contact center platform has also streamlined the rapid transfer and connection to the right areas of the business with search, dial and interaction visibility from a “panel of glass”.

On top of that, Hazelwood said Angelicare is now “integration-ready” as it continues to evolve towards more meaningful relationship management with its customers, seeking to deliver products and services that are fit for purpose. of their journey through the different stages of life.

“QPC provided helpful assistance in thinking through the data strategy and integration aspects with other systems to provide an all-in-one solution for our agents,” he said. “Because QPC’s design was cloud-based, internal costs were minimal and the switchover had no impact or downtime.”

QPC, which is a Genesys Gold Partner, has to date connected more than 120 Genesys customers. Across Australia, QPC has 35 employees in offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with sales and service openings in each state.

QPC chief commercial officer Peter Levine said he migrated 21 customers to the cloud platform in the past 12 months.

“We work with our customers to select, define, plan and deliver a clear business, technical and financial outcome from their cloud strategy and we are confidently leading the way to the cloud,” said Levine.

“At QPC, we’ve seen that customers are being pushed to the cloud for many reasons. In many cases, their legacy hardware and infrastructure needs replacing or is expensive to maintain and out of warranty.

“Alternatively, they may be needed to reduce the overall technical footprint or simplify complex IT architectures. A cloud-based subscription is much more affordable than paying an upfront fee for on-premises installation and provides better control over ongoing costs. »

Levine pointed out that the most important factor was adaptability.

“In the wake of the turbulence of a global pandemic and the resulting changes in ways of working as well as social norms, our customers are looking for the ability to respond quickly to changing business trends or customer requirements,” said he declared.

“Our customers particularly cite reduced pressure on their IT teams, more consistent experiences across multiple and varied interaction channels, first-call resolution is significantly increased, and there are more opportunities for innovation.”

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