Puzzel launches a new dashboard to visualize contact center performance in real time

Puzzel, Europe’s leading provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, has launched a new dashboard that allows customer service managers to view all of their most important real-time performance metrics in one place. A new ‘What’s new‘ on the Puzzel website has also been launched to keep customers, partners and industry professionals up to date on the company’s ongoing innovation.

Customer service managers need to be able to quickly collect and analyze data from different sources to assess their contact center performance and make effective decisions for their teams. Puzzel’s new dashboard makes this easier than ever, with managers and supervisors able to create their own custom dashboards visualizing all the real-time data available in their Puzzel contact center.

Dashboards are fully customizable, with a widget-based design that allows users to drag and drop, arrange, resize, and display data components as desired. Metrics including traffic data, agent performance and queue overviews can be visualized using various interactive charts and graphs.

New dashboard features include:

  • Create custom dashboards: Select and view any real-time traffic, queue or agent performance data available in your Puzzel Contact Center solution.
  • Customize the layout: Choose the right size and position for each data component to tell a clear and powerful data story.
  • Edit your widgets: Use the widget editor to modify each data component, including its visual appearance
  • Manage your dashboards: Create, save and delete dashboards or widgets with confidence, with notifications of actions taken.

Thomas Rødseth, Chief Technology Officer at Puzzel, said, “Monitoring your contact center performance in real time can be a real challenge when your data is hard to read and located in multiple places. Our new dashboard allows executives to gather all the metrics they need in one place and display that data in a truly clear and visual way that works for them. This makes it easier to spot and react to trends as they happen. At a glance, leaders can see what’s going well, what needs attention, and where improvements can be made to improve the customer experience. »

The new Puzzel Dashboard is now available to all users of the Puzzel Contact Center Admin Portal at no additional cost.

You can learn more about www.puzzel.com/whats-new

About Puzzle

Puzzel is Europe’s leading provider of cloud contact center solutions. Every day, more than 1,100 organizations in 40 countries use our software to deliver intelligent customer experiences, combining the powers of people and technology to serve customers efficiently, effectively and with empathy. The Puzzel platform enables organizations to create rich journeys for their customers, with a mix of live and self-service experiences that give people the freedom to choose when, where and how to get help. Artificial intelligence is leveraged at every touchpoint to automate tasks, deliver insights, and personalize service and support. Puzzel also includes a suite of productivity and planning tools to enable managers and agents to achieve their goals and continuously improve performance. With over 20 years of industry experience, Puzzel is the CCaaS provider organizations trust when every moment counts.

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