Oneida County to Stop Contact Tracing Due to Increase in Daily COVID-19 Cases

Oneida County joins with Herkimer County in ending contact tracing for positive local COVID-19 cases.

Oneida County Director Anthony Picente said there were too many new cases daily to handle contact tracing at the local level.

“The burgeoning variant of Omicron has led to a staggering number of daily positive COVID-19 infections,” Picente said. “There is no way for local health departments to track the overwhelming volume, so from today we will no longer be contacting trace cases. Isolation and quarantine should now be self-sustaining. Positive infections will continue to be reported and we will continue to provide case investigation in certain cases. “

The New York State Department of Health can still contact people who test positive to trace the contacts.

Picente says people who test positive for COVID-19 will continue to be notified by the county health department by call, text or email.

The county is encouraging people who test positive to contact those with whom they have been in close contact to let them know they need to watch for symptoms.

Based on current guidelines, anyone who tests positive should self-isolate for five days, regardless of their immunization status.

For closed contacts, those who have been vaccinated and received a booster do not need to self-quarantine. Those who are not vaccinated or who have not received a booster, but are eligible for one, must self-quarantine for five days.

Certification forms needed for school, work, or other reasons are available at

Read the full Oneida County isolation and quarantine guidelines below: