Observe.AI Launches Contact Center Industry’s First Screenwriting Solution to Improve Agent Compliance and Performance

Observe.AI, the intelligent workforce platform transforming contact centers with AI, introduced the industry’s first AI-powered solution to selectively remove personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information (PCI) and other sensitive information from recorded conversations with customers with high accuracy and without sacrificing the contextual information necessary for intelligent business decisions.

Unlike older redaction techniques that are prone to compliance lapses when misrepresenting critical data, Observe.AI Selective Redaction uses attention-based deep neural networks to selectively detect and remove relevant entities of customer information. This unique approach ensures that the precise amount of customer data is removed based on each organization’s specific compliance needs, while enabling the contact center to maximize visibility and actionable insights that impact quality assurance and agent performance workflow. This level of accuracy and efficiency is impossible to achieve with traditional legacy methods, such as agent-initiated stop and resume or digital, keyword-based redaction. Businesses across all industries enjoy the benefits of Observe.AI’s industry-leading solution:

  • Financial services organizations are able to remove sensitive information collected during customer verification, but quickly validate whether agents have shared the correct loan terms, including interest rates and repayment periods, so minimize regulatory risk.
  • Collection companies are empowered to protect the PCI/PII information shared with the debt collector while ensuring payment collection terms, dates, and balance amounts discussed are accessible for quality assurance assessments and to settle. disputes with customers more quickly.
  • Retailers can easily access contextual information to gain deeper insight into campaigns and offers without compromising PCI/PII information. They keep dates, amounts, and other plan details accessible to assess agent performance and provide the right coaching.
  • Insurance companies can protect customer privacy by removing policy numbers and other PII/PCI information while maintaining full visibility into other information such as enrollment fees and time stamps to assess the agents’ understanding of all insurance products and processes.

“Today’s digital contact center contains a wealth of critical, yet sensitive, customer information. By leveraging AI to increase the accuracy and precision of the redaction process, we enable contact centers to adapt to their business needs and selectively mask customer information without losing the context of their conversations. . This not only solves the compliance issue, but also improves agent performance and business results,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO of Observe.AI.

Using deep learning techniques, Observe.AI analyzes the surrounding context of individual sentences to accurately identify PII and PCI entities, even in the face of transcription errors. Observe.AI customers already use selective redaction to secure customer information. Selective redaction prevented over-drafting in 150 million instances out of 100 million calls with less than 500 reported errors, delivering the highest level of redaction accuracy in the industry.

“We rely on call transcripts and visibility into what is being said during customer interactions to coach our agents. Observe.AI’s selective writing solves a big problem for us,” said Melquin Troncoso, Senior Director of Global Quality Assurance, ERC. “We can now confidently remove sensitive information shared by customers while gaining the full context of customer and account validation for training purposes.”

Learn more about Observe.AI’s selective redaction solution here: http://www.observe.ai/blog/selective-redaction-reduce-compliance-risk-without-losing-context-customer-interactions

About Observe.AI

Observe.AI is an intelligent workforce platform that transforms contact centers by integrating AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimizing agent performance, and automating repeatable processes that drive revenue and growth. loyalty. With Observe.AI, contact centers can uncover the intelligence in every interaction, giving employees highly accurate and actionable feedback using built-in coaching and assessment workflows, and improving business metrics keys at every customer touchpoint.

Observe.AI is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners, including 23andMe, 2U, Alcon Laboratories, National Debt Relief, and Pearson. Backed by Menlo Ventures, Next47, NGP Capital, Emergent Ventures, Scale Ventures, Nexus Ventures, and Y-Combinator, Observe.AI is headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Bangalore, India.

For more information, visit www.observe.ai.