NYC to end most coronavirus contact tracing | News

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s coronavirus contact tracing program will end its universal tracing efforts late next month, with officials citing a significant drop in the number of cases, vaccination rates high and new treatments as justification.

“Having these strong protections in place defines a new phase of the pandemic where we can learn to live with COVID,” said Dr. Ted Long, executive director of NYC Test & Trace Corps, in an email sent to workers. Monday.

The city’s email came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance on Monday saying universal contact tracing was not recommended.

Officials said the universal tracing program would end in 8 weeks; contact tracing at high-risk congregational facilities like nursing homes would continue under the auspices of the city’s health department.

The city began its tracing program in June 2020, after the initial COVID surge, and has remained committed to what appears to have been the biggest effort among U.S. cities, even after other localities were scaled back.

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