NSW urged reintroducing the mask and contact tracing amid a peak. | Examiner

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Vaccination reminders, public health safety measures and COVID testing, tracing and isolation were the three issues discussed at the national cabinet meeting on Wednesday. After the meeting, Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said he was awaiting advice from ATAGI to see if the recall program could be shortened from five months to three or four months, but said more recalls were being provided regardless of every change. “Regardless of the health advice, we will ensure that the necessary resources are in place to ensure that we can roll out the recall program as quickly as possible,” he said. READ MORE: Mersey staff awaited critical debrief from Hillcrest On public health and social measures, PM said current measures in place were strong and would not change, despite concerns expressed by the hotel sector. He said the measures, including social distancing, limits on people in places and during events, and wearing a mask indoors, would all continue, citing their importance in slowing the spread of COVID . “It is important that people continue to follow these measures, they will help keep you and the rest of the community safe,” he said. READ MORE: Man illegally called his ex-partner 89 times in jail. “I don’t think it’s appropriate that no contact tracing, other than high risk areas is happening, and they haven’t mandated the masks yet,” he said. “We know that with the increasing number of cases out there, one way to limit the spread is to make sure they put those social measures back in place.” I would very strongly encourage NSW to do so. READ MORE: Remembering the six children killed in the Hillcrest tragedy, Mr Gutwein said a national definition of casual contact for consistency across all states and territories had also been discussed and was awaiting the AHPPC advises on the matter. use of rapid antigen testing, but at this time the state would not make any changes to current testing protocols. Our reporters are working hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News: The Examiner