NICE CXone digitizes contact center operations for Australian regional bank

NICE announced that Regional Australia Bank, one of Australia’s leading banking alternatives to the “big four” banks, has successfully implemented the NICE CXone platform to help streamline its contact center operations and better supporting its branches across New South Wales (NSW).

The implementation provides increased functionality, flexibility and adaptability to contact center agents and banking staff distributed across its regional NSW branches.

Kim Burraston, Senior Manager – Branch Operations, Regional Australia Bank, said: “As part of our digital transformation, Regional Australia Bank needed a cloud-based system that could grow with the business and meet the demands confidentiality and security. After evaluating several solutions on the market, Regional Australia Bank identified NICE CXone as the ideal solution as it offered significantly more functionality and adaptability than its alternatives. Additionally, it was easy to manage and train staff, which better supported our organization in its efforts to decentralize contact center operations. The transition to CXone was a critical step in Regional Australia Bank’s journey to streamline the customer and agent experience.

Regional Australia Bank maintains a network of branches in 38 towns across the NSW region, supporting over 80,000 customers, including families and small and medium businesses. Regional Australia Bank has a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates. Its Community Partnership Program allows members to support their local community simply by transacting with a selected savings account and nominating their choice of organizations from a list of 1,600 registered groups and causes. In 2022, this program reached a new milestone with more than 2 million Australian dollars in donations.

To keep pace with digital transformation and maintain compliance with changing security and privacy requirements, Regional Australia Bank needed to upgrade its system to a more flexible and secure solution. Additionally, they needed a solution that would help decentralize contact center operations and make the most of branch staff as needed to continue to effectively support regional cities without impacting headcount.

Darren Rushworth, NICE International President, said, “NICE is delighted to be working with Regional Australia Bank and its implementation partner, Generation-e, to successfully implement CXone into branch and center operations. bank contact. The solution is already helping Regional Australia Bank streamline its contact center engagement while providing better support to branch and remote employees, resulting in exceptional and seamless experiences for agents and customers.

Regional Australia Bank enlisted partner NICE Generation-e to help them transition to an omnichannel solution that provides greater flexibility to their regional contact center and banking staff.

Biagio Larossa, Managing Director of Generation-e, said: “Given the type of customers Regional Australia Bank caters to, the team’s transition from their legacy on-premises contact center solution to the cloud was a real challenge. In addition to modernizing their workplace, we needed to ensure the solution was PCI compliant and followed strict customer security protocols, without compromising the Regional Australia Bank customer experience. NICE CXone was the ideal cloud solution for Regional Australia Bank due to its scalability. It provided an excellent user experience for staff and the end customer, enabling a smooth transition to the new system and removing much of the day-to-day administration associated with the bank’s on-premises solution. Prior to implementation, Regional Australia Bank also operated with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams across various departments. This created significant challenges for agents attempting to transfer calls between departments. CXone offered compatibility with Microsoft Teams, allowing Regional Australia Bank to streamline its interdepartmental communication and call transfers, for a better customer and agent experience. The new solution enables Regional Australia Bank to achieve significant business benefits now and in the future.

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