Mystery Man buys billboard looking for psychic, provides no contact details.

Typically, advertisements on billboards are for new phones, shoes, or movies. But a man in the UK decided to spend his money posting an encrypted message, asking for the services of a psychic.

“Psychic wanted – you know where to apply,” the sign reads, with a black background and a green triangle.

Whether or not the mysterious man is serious remains to be seen, but British sign company Mandoe Media said the man paid an undisclosed amount to post his message, providing few details.

“The individual explained that he was deeply serious and that he wanted to find a real medium”, Steve Baxter, who works for Mandoe-MediaTold Kennedy News.

“They thought the best way to do that would be to post a ‘psychic wanted’ ad with no contact information because a good psychic would know exactly when, where and how to contact them,” Baxter explained.

“It wasn’t made clear exactly why they needed a psychic, maybe they had been scammed by a fake psychic in the past or maybe they want clarification on their future, we don’t don’t know.

“But we are seriously invested in this experiment, and it would be amazing if it actually worked.”

Will the mysterious man find his medium? Or is it just a publicity stunt from the advertising agency?