Montana starts the week with 11,498 active cases of COVID-19, 419 hospitalizations | Local News


On Monday, at St. Vincent Healthcare Hospital, 56 hospitalized patients positive for COVID-19 were receiving treatment, including 10 in intensive care units and seven who had been intubated. Of those treated at St. Vincent Healthcare, 46 of 56, or 82%, are not vaccinated.

At the Billings Clinic, healthcare professionals were treating 62 hospitalized patients positive for COVID-19, of whom 17 were receiving ICU-level care and seven on ventilators. Of those treated at the Billings Clinic for COVID-19, 50 out of 62, or 80%, are not vaccinated.

Billings Clinic spokesperson Zach Benoit said the hospital’s intensive care unit was operating at 130% capacity on Monday and that capacity was in the range of 150% to 160% on a consistent basis throughout the current outbreak.

Benoit explained that the hospital can operate above 100% of intensive care capacity by transferring intensive care patients to other parts of the hospital, such as the cardiovascular unit, where staff are accustomed to. treating similar types of patients who require intense levels of care.

“Truth be told, at the end of the day, we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re sort of monitoring national trends, we’re monitoring the numbers here. We’re still in the middle of this wave,” Benoit said. “We just want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be here and take care of everyone who walks through the doors here.”

The converted hallways continue to be used for patient beds, particularly around the emergency department, which is the first point of contact for many patients seeking hospital care. The hospital continues to receive not only COVID-19 patients, but also people requiring treatment for various medical conditions, including heart attacks, trauma, cancer and stroke.

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