Modine expands its Airedale brand to the United States


United States: Modine is expanding its Airedale brand into the United States with new products and increased production to meet increasing demand from the burgeoning data center industry.

The company is expanding its existing offering of coils and chillers to computer room air handling units (CRAH) and chillers for the US market.

To complement its existing plant in Grenada, Mississippi, Modine recently announced a $ 7 million investment to convert its former Rockbridge warehouse into a new production line for Airedale data center cooling solutions.

The USA-made product line focuses on high-capacity cooling with minimal energy input, coupled with next-generation controls.

In addition, new Airedale by Modine branded products will include the SmartCool One CRAH precision chilled water cooling system with operating capacities up to 1MW and the AireWall fan wall range for high density environments. with solid floor architectures.

These two precision air handling units are designed to work in tandem with the Airedale range of free cooling air coolers, also available to Modine’s US customers. This range includes TurboChill, with capacities between 200 and 1830 kW, based on energy efficient oil-free compressor technology and using both R134a refrigerant and low GWP R1234ze. The OptiChill range of R134a screw chillers rounds off the chiller list, offering cooling capacities from 750 to 1365 kW.

The Airedale by Modine US portfolio is completed with a range of dry coolers with capacities up to 1882 kW.

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