Mida Call Analytics Reveals Contact Center Efficiency

Knowledge is power in any business, but gaining a deep understanding of your contact center has long been a priority, leveraging reports and analytics to get a sense of where efficiencies and process improvements can be made. Traditionally, this was done retrospectively with long analysis of complex reports that often left critical information undiscovered in huge volumes of data. Mida Call Analytics, which launched earlier this year, aims to eradicate complexity and illuminate previously unknown areas of business communications to help customers maximize their potential.

The newly designed offering includes an advanced reporting solution that incorporates business intelligence capability to enable users to gain professional insights into the UC data they choose to analyze. The solution includes three different modules, each of them focusing on a specific set of data, aiming to provide information on contact center, corporate accounting or compliance registration.

the Mida Call Analytics Contact Center Module has been developed to deal with the analysis of call center activities and includes a set of pre-determined and ready-to-use reports, available in CSV or PBIT format for Power BI. Mida also provides customers with comprehensive documentation that allows them to easily understand the operation of the service and interpret the data listed in the standard reports. They can then go further by taking advantage of direct access to their database to create their own reports, which can be personalized.

Custom reports allow users to focus on contact center issues affecting their business so they can target specific areas. They can then improve the service and grow their business by looking at the KPIs that are most important to them. From a business management perspective, this makes it easy to identify critical points and uncover untapped potential.

This module helps Mida customers to improve the service they provide, for example by knowing how it works, if there are specific weaknesses to be corrected or if the respect of service level agreements is checked. Additionally, the module can be used to monitor improvements and dig deeper into an agent’s performance. Individual KPIs can be analyzed to discover if additional training sessions are needed or if agents are overloaded and the team size needs to be expanded to accommodate peak loads.

Your contact center data is a uhge resource that contains relevant information that you should know in order to grow your business,” says Mauro Franchin, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Mida Solutions.

“You must constantly analyze your UC data and take advantage of it: with Mida Call Analytics – Contact Center Module, you can dig deeper into your data and understand, for example, how to transform weaknesses into strategic actions to improve your services”