Microsoft Unveils Digital Contact Center Platform at Inspire 2022

Microsoft Teams and other digital engagement channels are part of the new Microsoft Digital Contact Center platform that was unveiled at Inspire 2022.

Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft PowerPoint and Nuance AI are also used in the contact center.

The contact center has AI capabilities with self-service experiences, collaborative user experiences, live customer engagements, business process automation, fraud prevention, and telephony capabilities.

Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Platforms at Microsoftsaid, “In today’s digital world, brand reputation is synonymous with customer experience, including quality customer service.

“Consumers expect effortless, consistent and secure experiences regardless of the touchpoint they choose. In fact, their perception of the brand and the loyalty of their customers depend on it.

“With such high stakes, businesses need a comprehensive yet flexible solution to modernize their customer service experience.

“We are excited to introduce the Microsoft Digital Contact Center platform, an open, extensible and collaborative contact center solution designed to deliver seamless customer journeys.”

Nuance offers conversational AI, automation, and security capabilities, giving customers the tools to deliver faster, more customizable service. The inclusion of Nuance also gives contact centers the ability to provide incentives to increase brand loyalty and other sales opportunities.

The Microsoft Contact Center does not have to replace existing systems; it was designed to allow businesses to add its capabilities to theirs. It can integrate with various contact center infrastructures, as well as customer relationship management systems.

To ensure compatibility and interoperability with contact centers, Microsoft partners with Accenture-Avanade, Avaya, Genesys, HCL, NICe and TTEC.

Omnichannel communication and intelligent self-service

Agents will be able to respond more easily to customer needs with self-service and automation features. Repeatable tasks and sophisticated transactions will be possible through automation technology.

Virtual and live agents can be intelligently connected to customers, taking into account agent experience, skills, availability, and capacity, then creating AI-based recommendations to help agents.

The digital contact center can be customized and deployed for digital entertainment channels, such as social messaging platforms and voice calls.

Microsoft Teams may offer additional engagement options using Teams voice and video through Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Customizable customer interactions

Customers can be authenticated using biometric-based authentication in seconds.

Interactions between employees and customers are secure, and attack vectors and fraud patterns are prevented by the platform.

Consumer interactions throughout their journey with the brand are displayed through customer journey analytics.

The platform can anticipate customer needs and understand their reason for calling with its AI intent prediction capability.

Agent productivity and case management

A 360-degree view of the customer is shared with agents who can handle requests from all channels while simultaneously working on other sessions.

Conversational intelligence and sentiment analysis tell agents what a customer needs and their emotional state. Recommendations are also created to help the agent find cross-sell and up-sell options.

AI-recommended knowledge articles are available to help agents find the optimal resolution.

Smart case swarming automates the speed and efficiency of connecting with experts to resolve open cases. With one click, an agent can be put in touch with experts chosen according to their skills and experience.

Gain customers and increase revenue

Real-time offers allow agents to increase conversions and improve upsells.

Personalized offer recommendations help customers locate relevant products, increasing cross-sell and up-sell revenue.

Predictive targeting tracks user behavior and data to locate and provide engagement options, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

Special promotions and updates can be notified preemptively to accelerate purchase intent and increase revenue.

Infrastructure improvement

According to Microsoft, its new contact center platform adds flexibility, simplicity and innovation. It removes complex IT integration, while remaining flexible for partners and customers.

Tasks and workflows can be automated using no-code, low-code, or pro-code. Chatbots with conversational AI can be added to talk to customers across all channels.

Self-service can be undertaken by customers in a number of scenarios with the ability to connect to live agents if needed.

The platform may also change based on seasonal increases or any other increase in demand. Contact volume, service levels and wait times are automatically adjusted with no impact on performance.

Contact Center Partner Network

Accenture-Avanade delivers its customer engagement solutions to improve customer experience and business results.

Systems integrator partners include EY, HCL, Hitachi, KPMG, PwC, TCS, and TTEC, as well as ISVs like Avaya, Genesys, and NICE.

Microsoft announced a host of new Teams features at Inspire 2022.

Viva Engage, a new social media platform integrating with Teams, was also unveiled at Inspire 2022.