LiveVox extends contact center reach with AppSmart Deal

LiveVox, the cloud-based provider of omnichannel contact centers and customer engagement solutions, announced a partnership with AppSmart, a marketplace for businesses and technology advisors to find, purchase and manage technology services.

Under the terms of the agreement, more than 5,500 AppSmart technology advisors will have access to all of LiveVox’s solutions to make them available to more than 100,000 companies in the global AppSmart ecosystem.

LiveVox Chief Revenue Officer Erik Fowler said:

“AppSmart is the premier marketplace for B2B technology services and solutions with a broad ecosystem of advisors and businesses that will help LiveVox continue to evolve and expand its customer base with the tailwinds of digital transformation we are currently experiencing”

“This agreement is another critical step in our continued commitment to channel growth, including hiring industry-leading veterans and aligning with top-tier partners,” Fowler said.

Renée Bergeron, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AppSmart, added, “LiveVox’s omnichannel, cloud-based approach to customer service and engagement provides players in our market with the tools to succeed in the new, increasingly digital work environment.

“Furthermore, LiveVox’s comprehensive contact center solution gives our advisors the ability to land and grow with a comprehensive solution, rather than having to rely on a blended approach.”