KSI insists he can beat Floyd Mayweather, tells Logan Paul it’s all about ‘mentality’


YouTuber-turned-singer KSI has said he could defeat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match and even opened up about his future ambitions in the ring.

Speaking to his former rival Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcast, he discussed his short-lived boxing career and the legends he wants to face in the future.

KSI was one of the first YouTube stars to enter white collar boxing and he defeated Joe Weller and Paul himself in two amateur fights and one pro fight, but has since withdrawn from the ring, choosing to focus on an emerging music career.

“Username [beat] up to Mayweather, ”he said on the podcast.

Logan Paul replied, “Funny you said you could beat him… I wanted to ask you a question about that – you probably think you could beat most people? ”

KSI hasn’t had a professional fight since 2019

KSI then said it was a mental block to go through: “I feel like this is the mindset you need to have.”

To which Paul replied, “But then people will laugh at you, it will make the headlines.”

Then KSI said, “People will say, ‘What? KSI thinks he could beat Mayweather? Shut your mouth. “

“And then it’s like, ‘Okay, cool, let’s go then.’

“Then it happens and everyone is like, ‘Oh damn. “”

KSI then opened up about his desire to return to the ring after being out for over a year and he even fielded Logan’s brother Jake Paul as one of his future fights.

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Logan Paul and KSI fight
Logan Paul was KSI’s only professional fight in November 2019

Jake has been impressive in the ring, securing a 3-0 winning record and is set to face former UFC star Tyron Woodley in August.

“When you’re at camp you have to be in the area where you go ‘boxing, boxing, boxing’ and right now I’m completely out of that,” Olatunji said.

“So for me to tap into it, I would really need to settle down and focus, but right now I don’t have time because the music is flying for me, man.

KSI at an awards ceremony
Since leaving boxing, KSI has also enjoyed a musical career.

“For me to fight Austin, [McBroom] I feel like I have to fight him now to show Jake how much I’ve improved, ”KSI explained.

KSI’s last fight against Logan Paul was in November 2019 and to date it was his only professional fight.

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