Jabra adds a new generation of contact center headsets to the Engage range

The following was posted on September 15:

Today, Jabra, a leader in personal audio, video and office solutions, is expanding the Engage range with two new products aimed at enabling digital contact centers to improve the customer experience. The Jabra Engage 50 II promises to be the best headset for clear customer calls* and ensures that no call will ever be missed thanks to its SmartRinger feature. Meanwhile, the Jabra Engage 40 offers innovative speech optimization and background noise cancellation, allowing agents to focus on customer conversations at ease. These features are essential for improving the customer experience, especially since customer satisfaction is ranked as the number one key performance indicator in most contact centers.

Power and clarity with the Jabra Engage 50 II
Speech clarity is an important attribute for contact centers because it directly impacts the customer experience. With this in mind, the Jabra Engage 50 II uses advanced algorithms to create beamforming pickup of users’ voices and analyzes background noise. Its 3-microphone system exceeds Microsoft’s Premium Microphone standards for the Open Office** with its ability to suppress up to 36 decibels of noise, enabling the clearest call experience and accurate call transcripts .

The Engage 50 II headset also introduces an adjustable, audible SmartRinger feature that alerts the user to incoming calls even when not wearing the headset. It sits on a detachable link controller with a volume wheel designed to sit on the desk next to the keyboard to give no-look access to all controls. This feature facilitates hybrid working on the go, as agents never have to worry about missing a call if they are out of the office.

Comfort and intelligence with the Jabra Engage 40
Contact center agents have their headsets on all day, tending to customers as well as remote onboarding, coaching and training – so comfort is key. The Jabra Engage 40 headset is ultra-lightweight with cleverly designed angled ear cushions and an innovative labyrinth-like pattern inside each ear cup to relieve pressure. Its built-in hearing protection, two high-quality microphones, noise-isolating ear cups and advanced speaker technology optimize every word spoken. Engage 40 also features an in-line control unit allowing agents to handle calls at lightning speed with programmable buttons.

Bring new levels of transparency to call center operations
Jabra Engage 50 II and Engage 40 transcend the traditional role of headsets, acting as sensors providing critical data on audio quality and conversation performance. In hybrid working, it can be difficult for operations and contact center agents to understand if they are delivering excellent audio quality and enjoyable conversations. The data is available through our SDK and can be viewed through pre-built integrations with, among others, Nectar, Operata and Virsae. Or it’s accessible with Jabra’s free Engage+ desktop app that provides real-time call insights to instantly improve conversation quality. It assesses whether the background noise, microphone position and voice quality are good before a call. During the call, he helps correct any issues and provides conversation guidance and wraps up each session with an after-call report. The application is unobtrusive, easy to use and can be easily deployed via the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) file, providing agents with the right support to improve customer satisfaction.

“Over the years, contact centers have undergone a significant transformation with the shift to digital platforms and hybrid working methods. Agents rely on technology more than ever to do their jobs effectively. That’s why we’ve redoubled our research and development efforts to produce solutions that are smart, comfortable and durable companions for contact centers,” said Anders Hvelplund, SVP for Contact Center Solutions. at Jabra. “We want to help agents focus on customer satisfaction and give them peace of mind while our Jabra Engage products can handle the rest.”

Both headsets work with major contact center platforms and are Microsoft Teams certified. They also work with Engage AI, Jabra’s new artificial intelligence technology that assesses both conversation and caller and agent engagement levels, and delivers actionable insights in real time.

The new helmets are available now, MSRP:
Engage 50 II Stereo: $299/€279

Engage 50 II Mono: $279/€259

Engage 40 Stereo: $239/€219

Engage 40 Mono: $219/€199

Learn more about the new Jabra Engage 50 II at www.jabra.com/engage50ii and commit 40 to www.jabra.com/engage40.