Is the best contact center manager actually an agent?

Of all the tools In the contact center manager’s toolkit, the agent’s ability to proactively self-manage must surely be among the most valuable.

I’m talking about agents who can track their own performance against agreed targets in real time. By using a convenient mobile app, they are likely to adjust their own performance — and therefore require less management.

The concept is shaking up reactive management, but the market needs business process optimization (BPO) embedded in innovative technology applications to achieve it.

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Traditional performance management: reactive and laborious

Most contact center systems are federated, making it difficult to feed consolidated agent data in real time from potentially disparate systems. Contact center managers traditionally have to wait for data. They then consolidate it retrospectively and give agents individual statistical performance information after performance has already dropped. But it’s getting worse.

Managers must spend time (which can be focused on important tasks) consolidating Excel spreadsheets manually pulled from multiple systems and emailed. An application that automates the aggregation of data from multiple internal systems could give feedback directly to agents in real time.

Double benefit: proactive performance management, better use of time

Such a capability would likely prevent the performance drop in the first place. Contact center agents would see their own work rates drop and adjust to ensure they hit their targets and avoid any negative consequences.

Their managers, instead of spending time on manual spreadsheets, could monitor the automatically collected numbers – daily. Less manual work for managers means more time spent optimizing contact center performance in other areas.

Try the challenge

apptechnix has developed an Android/iOS mobile application to precisely address this challenge for contact center environments. The consolidated view provided by BPO Dynamics at agents’ fingertips means there are no spreadsheets or emails – it automates ongoing reports and sends a push notification to agents every morning, with automatic indicators for managers and agents themselves if there are performance highlights (or “low lights”).

The Amazon Web Services-based mobile app is adaptable, configurable, and scalable for easy deployment into targeted roles such as sales reps, call center agents, production, and manufacturing personnel. They are probably the most digital and goal-oriented workforces, and the most successful results really require management/self-service technology.

How it works

Employees log into a secure platform using existing employee credentials. Once loaded, the application does the heavy lifting by interfacing with federated systems to bring agents and managers the data they need in real time, at their fingertips.

Users can search the centralized data using default date ranges to see how well they are doing. They can search by day, week, or month to track ongoing performance. Managers no longer need to do intensive manual labor to determine if a team has achieved its goals. Everything happens automatically before the weekly performance meeting. The app also allows additional measurements to be added as needed. Benchmarking provides a unique view of how individuals on our team compare and greatly simplifies the initiation of both incentive and intervention for underperformance.

New services or products can be shared with agents quickly and easily using the push notification feature. Managers can share coaching tips using a document or photo, and agents can access them at any time in a coaching tips menu for convenience.

Who should use the app?

Companies with agents or other employees in goal-oriented work can use this technology to manage employees who work from home or in an office. The transparency of performance measurement makes it easy to identify problem areas without having to wait for reports.

The app takes the guesswork out of performance contract disputes, as every facet of agent performance is tracked and captured seamlessly and automatically for easy viewing. Ultimately, however, your most effective managers are likely to be agents themselves, as they will be confronted with the good (or bad) reality of their own performance every morning.

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