“I would say ‘you are fired'” – John Cena Sr. would have fired Sasha Banks if he had been Vince McMahon


John Cena Sr. would have fired Sasha Banks if he had been Vince McMahon. He added that he loved the SmackDown Women’s Champion and had no intention of offending her.

Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s biggest stars today. She was instrumental in helping WWE through the difficult course of the early days of the pandemic. With Bayley, she was on almost every show, every episode and worked really hard to bring the promotion back to normal.

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She was finally awarded with the best year of her career. She became the first woman to win all three major roster titles in the same year. In the process, she also completed her Grand Slam, the third woman to do so in WWE. Banks was also named Sports Illustrated Wrestler of the Year!

However, all of this wouldn’t have been possible if Vince McMahon had granted his request to leave the promotion in 2019. Instead, he gave him time to think it over and the rest is history. John Cena Sr., however, thinks he would have handled the situation very differently.

John Cena Sr. would have fired Sasha Banks if he had been Vince McMahon

Talking to Dan Mirade of Boston Wrestling MWFJohn Cena Sr. said he would have fired the Boss if he was the CEO of WWE instead.

“If she refused to do the job [lose a match] or does the job and then says, ‘I’m going to quit,’ in the words of the great Vince McMahon, I’d say, ‘You don’t have to quit, you’re fired.

As we now know, McMahon didn’t let go. He gave her some free time and she ended up being one of their most important stars a year later. John Cena Sr. pointed this out by explaining the difference between himself and Vince McMahon.

“You know what, let me put it to you this way. Vince is a very smart man, he’s not where he is by being a jerk. To give him what he gave him, this extension in time [additional time off after the 30-day agreement], says a lot about the man who recognizes talent.

Sasha Banks will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nia Jax next week at SmackDown. She also faces Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler alongside Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Fastlane. If she defeats Jax next week, she’ll face Belair at Wrestlemania 37.

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