How to improve the productivity of your insurance contact center

How we can improve the productivity of your insurance contact center

There’s a lot to be said for the power of face-to-face interaction. Some of our most valuable customer interactions come when we meet face to face – discussing ambitions, challenges and how we can bridge the gap between the two. As such, we are excited to begin to see a return to industry events and the opportunity to meet our existing customers and prospects face-to-face at the next BIBA (British Insurance Broker’s Association) Conference 2022 the 11thand – 12and May.

#BIBA2022 will be the largest in-person insurance industry gathering in the UK since 2019. Hosted by BBC broadcasting legend Huw Edwards, the two-day event will feature keynotes and seminars, as well as the opportunity to meet exhibitors and learn about the latest technologies and processes available in the industry today.

At the event you will find IPI on Stand B79 alongside our partners Genesys and Blieve, where we’ll talk about all the ways we’re helping improve contact center productivity beyond just the benefits of migrating to the cloud. Whether it’s keeping agents at their best through workforce optimization, updating disparate legacy systems through digital transformation, or ensuring security and compliance all throughout the customer journey; we’ll be ready to discuss all the ways we can help insurance companies transform their customer experience with our proven methodology.

Opportunity awaits

It’s safe to say that the past two years have been tumultuous for the insurance industry. However, after the storm calms down, what can we expect next?

It is clear that COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for digitization. However, what has become clear is that those who have done it well, and who continue to do it well, will emerge at the forefront of the competition. The technology, people, and processes you employ all have an impact, so it’s critical that you align with partners who share your vision for success.

Come chat with us about our approach to success management and how we work with our clients to deliver industry-leading solutions that exceed expectations. The conversation will be worth your time, as there will be an opportunity to get a free half-day counseling workshop.

Revealing IPI’s new partnership

The excitement doesn’t stop there either! IPI has worked in the insurance industry for the past 20 years, providing innovative and market leading contact center solutions to Ageas, Europa Group and Complete Cover Group. However, we do not rest on our laurels and we always seek to broaden our field of expertise for the benefit of our clients.

As such, we have just entered into a unique and strategic partnership with Blieve Consulting deliver added value to clients looking to implement a comprehensive business strategy encompassing people, process and technology.

Through the combined expertise of this partnership, our clients will benefit from access to both business insights and innovative technology to create a truly market-leading approach to customer experience, closely aligned with a larger business strategy. large.

Our team will be supported at #BIBA2022 by Mark Bower-Dyke, Founder of Blieve Consulting and former Managing Director of BeWiser Insurance. If you want to learn more about our work and our latest partnership with Blieve Consulting, be sure to come see us at Grandstand B79. We are also available to discuss:

The challenges of the insurance world– how IPI can help you overcome obstacles and optimize your contact center operations to facilitate best-in-class services

The rise of voice bots– how we have worked with customers to provide state-of-the-art voice bots to improve the customer experience

The importance of the cloud– how we can enable organizations to take the leap into the cloud, providing access to next-generation applications simply and easily.

Innovate to meet demand – how we are now developing our own solutions to respond directly and effectively to the specific needs of our customers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

IPI is the UK’s leading digital contact center specialist, focused on creating intelligent and innovative contact center solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

IPI understands that technology is only part of the solution to solving business challenges within the contact center. Its experts know the complexities of people, technology, processes and customer demands and understand the realities of running a contact center, as well as the practicalities of realizing the full potential of advanced software.

By examining the challenges and business drivers of the contact center, today and in the future, IPI ensures its clients get the most out of their contact center technology by using it as an enabler to drive results. measurable and maximize the value of the investment. Fully focused on business results, IPI offers a comprehensive blend of contact center operational experience, combined with deep technology expertise. This enables its experts to align the most appropriate technology with its customers’ needs and ensure that people are equipped in the short and long term to deliver exceptional experiences.

Founded in 2001, IPI supports more than five million customer interactions and 65,000 agents every day. Based in Reading, UK, IPI also has offices in London and Manchester, as well as in the Philippines.

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