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With many cruise lines announcing starts this spring and summer, a number of lines are already back in service. Here is the last one:

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean was one of the first major cruise lines to resume service, with crossings across Asia. The Quantum of the Seas has been leaving Singapore since December and is expected to continue offering short cruises to local residents until October.

Globally, the company is also preparing several other ships for restarts over the summer, with the Adventurer of the Seas service returning from the Bahamas next.

Region: Singapore and Bahamas

Ships currently in service:
– Quantum of the Seas

Genting Cruise Lines

Genting is currently back in service with its Dream Cruises brand. One of the first cruise lines to restart service, it currently has one vessel in service in Asia.

The World Dream continues to sail on a short cruise program from Singapore, which began in November 2020.

Region: Asia – Singapore

Ships currently in service:
– Dream of the world

Nicko Cruises

Serving the German market, Nicko Cruises relaunched its service on April 10. With the new World Navigator, the company currently offers cruises to the Canaries. New routes to the Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores are planned for June.

Region: Europe – Canaries, Madeira and Azores

Ships currently in service:
– Travel around the world

TUI Cruises

TUI Cruises resumed cruises in July 2020. The cruise line has prepared two ships on its return, offering cruises nowhere from Hamburg and Kiel. A third ship was added later with cruises to Greece.

After several months of sailing only in the Canaries, the brand is once again expanding its itineraries by offering cruises in Germany, Greece and the Mediterranean.

Region: Europe – Canary Islands, Greece, Mediterranean and Germany

Ships currently in service:
– Mein Schiff 2
– Mein Schiff 5
– Mein Schiff 1 (from May 23)

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

After sailing in Northern Europe last summer, Hapag-Lloyd currently offers Eastern Mediterranean cruises with the Europa 2.

The German cruise line is also planning to resume service on the Hanseatic Inspiration, which is expected to offer cruises to Northern Europe from May 29.

Region: Europe – Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Norwegian fjords

Ships currently in service:
– Europa 2
– Hanseatic inspiration (from June 5)
– Hanseatic nature (June 15)

AIDA Cruises

Another German company is expanding its restart plan, AIDA Cruises has been sailing in the Canaries since March 20.

Starting this month, the Carnival-owned brand is adding two more ships to the service, offering cruises from Greece and Germany.

Region: Europe – Canary Islands, Mediterranean, Greece and Germany

Ships currently in service:– AIDAperla
– AIDAsol (from May 22)
– AIDAblu (from May 23)

MSC Cruises

After pioneering the European restart in August 2020, MSC Cruises currently has three vessels in service in the Mediterranean and the UK. While MSC Grandiosa had been sailing continuously since January, MSC Seaside returned to service on May 1 and the new MSC Virtuosa debuted on May 20.

Four more ships are expected to follow in the coming weeks, offering routes in the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

Region: Europe – Mediterranean, UK and Northern Europe

Ships currently in service:
– MSC Grandiosa
– MSC Seaside
– MSC Virtuosa
– MSC Orchestra (from June 5)
– MSC Splendida (from June 12)
– MSC Seaview (from June 19)
– MSC Magnifica (from June 20)

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises welcomed passengers on May 1, with the Costa Smeralda in western Italy. More recently, the Italian brand has added the Costa Luminosa to the range, offering cruises in the Western Mediterranean.

Region: Western and Eastern Mediterranean

Ships currently in service:
– Costa Smeralda
– Costa Luminosa
– Costa Deliziosa (from June 26)

Viking cruises

Viking is currently sailing in the UK, with the new Viking Venus. The luxury cruise line also plans to add two more ships in service next month, with crossings to Bermuda and Iceland.

Region: United Kingdom, Bermuda and Iceland

Ships currently in service:
– Viking Venus
– Viking Orion (from June 15)
– Viking Sky (from June 26)

American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines restarted operations in March, with a cruise to the US east coast aboard the Independence, which accommodates 100 passengers.

The Small Ship Cruise Line has commissioned ten ships offering cruises on the Mississippi, the Pacific Northwest and more.

Region: United States – Domestic and Coastal Waters

Ships currently in service:
– Independence
– American jazz
– American star
– Queen of Mississippi
– America
– US Constitution
– American song
– American harmony
– American pride
– American constellation
– Queen of the West (from May 22)
– American Spirit (from June 5)

American Queen Steamboat Company

Offering river cruises to the United States, the American Queen Steamboat Company has put two ships into service since March. The new American Countess was the latest addition to the operational fleet, after a christening ceremony in New Orleans.

Region: USA – Domestic water

Ships currently in service:
– American Countess
– American Duchess
– American Empress (from May 23)
– American Queen (from June 6)


Offering a service that combines freight forwarding and cruising, Aranui Cruises has been sailing since July 2020. The line operates a single vessel, the Aranui 5, which accommodates 230 passengers.

Region: Oceania – South Pacific

Ships currently in service:
– Aranui 5

Coral expeditions

Coral Expeditions resumed navigation in October, with the Coral Discoverer, which had 75 guests. The Australia-based cruise line later added two more ships to the lineup, including the new Coral Geographer.

Region: Oceania – Australia

Ships currently in service:
– Coral discoverer
– Coral Adventurer
– Coral geographer

True North Cruises

Specializing in adventure cruises, True North Cruises was among the first companies to resume service in July 2020. Currently, True North offers domestic crossings in the Kimberley region of Australia.

Region: Oceania – Australia

Ships currently in service:
– The True North

Mitsui OSK

The Nippon Maru, which had 600 guests, resumed service in November, after several months of standstill. The Japanese ship now offers short crossings to Japanese passengers.

Region: Asia – Japan

Ships currently in service:
– Nippon Maru

Metropolitan tour

Metropolitan Touring is back in service, offering expedition cruises to Galapagos Island. The Ecuadorian brand operates a three-vessel fleet that includes the 40 guest Isabella II, which re-launched service for the company in August.

Region: South America – The Galapagos

Ships currently in service:
– La Pinta

Varied cruises

Variety Cruises resumed operations in May with their eight-day “Jewels of the Cyclades” itinerary aboard the Galileo. The company is also returning to the Seychelles, with the Pegasos soon entering service at destination.

Region: Mediterranean and Seychelles

Ships currently in service:
– Galileo
– Pegasos (from June 19)

UnCruise Adventures

One of the first companies to restart service in Alaska, UnCruise Adventures currently has four ships sailing in the area.

Region: North America – Alaska

Ships currently in service:
– Safari Quest
– Inheritance
– Discoverer of nature
– Nature explorer

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