Giant Asian hornets kill 30,000 bees by ripping off their heads in horror video


Terrifying video shows giant Asian hornets killing 30,000 bees by chopping off their heads as the UK braces for invasion of smaller non-native Asian hornets.

In this clip from National Geographic WILD, the hornets – five times the size of honey bees – use their massive jaws to rip the bees in half as they destroy the entire hive.

Although there is a small gang of hornets attacking, the narrator explains that they don’t even need numbers to overpower and slaughter their prey.

“One of these hornets can kill over 300 bees in an hour,” he says.

Asian giant hornet begins to attack bee hive

In an attack so fast it’s almost blurry, a hornet appears and lands on a helpless bee before splitting it into two pieces with its jaws.

The bee’s head and front torso are still twitching and trying to escape as she dies.

In that fatal attack alone, nearly 30,000 bees die, according to the documentary.

The clip has been watched over 1.6 million times on YouTube and viewers have said it was as close as they’d ever like to one of the deadly bugs.

A stunned viewer said, “We need a movie from the perspective of a baby bee that survives, helps build a new colony, and plots revenge against the hornets.”

That poor bee was cut in half in a fraction of a second
That poor bee was cut in half in a fraction of a second

“This beehive attack was brutal! Wow! It’s the most intense thing I’ve seen in a nature show, I think, ”another person remarked.

Someone with first-hand experience with the hornet species said, “When I was working in Japan, one of these hornets got trapped in our daycare.

“Needless to say, we evacuated the building. “

While the giant Asian hornets did not reach Europe, the yellow-legged hornet, also known as the Asian hornet, did. He first arrived in the UK in 2016 and since then he has been a regular summer invader.

Insects threaten biodiversity by killing our native bees who don’t know how to defend themselves.

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