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Galway Bay fm newsroom – Connemara County Councilors have called for safety measures at docks and slipways.

However, council leader Maureen Doddy said heritage and conservation issues would be part of any action taken.

Working methods and heritage issues are sometimes at odds in Connemara and it often comes down to the basics.

Councilor Gerry King stressed at a meeting of Connemara councilors in recent days that the ladders at the docks should be recessed into the actual wall.

They should not protrude from the structure, Councilor King said, as they can become a safety hazard if placed in that position.

Councilor Tomás Ó Curraoin rowed with Councilor King and said, as a former fisherman, building the ladder into the pier was the right way to go.

Municipal area chairman at that meeting, Séamus Walsh, said the comments made came from two experienced sailors and made sense.

Máirín Doddy, of the Council’s Heritage and Conservation Section, said maintaining the original structure of some piers is a high heritage priority.

She said driving the ladders into the pillars could remove some of the essential historic features of the structures.

However, each individual situation should be judged on its own merits.