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Minnis to PLP: “No excuse” on the promise of TVA, new “impossible” hospitals

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis will lead Her Majesty’s Official Opposition in Parliament next month, but will step down for the new leadership of the Free National Movement (FNM) at a convention scheduled for November.

The decision was confirmed last night following a more than three-hour FNM board meeting at the Holy Trinity Activities Center.

Minnis said the FNM parliamentary team had a solid track record in opposition and as a government, and the public can expect FNM MPs to be “a dynamic and aggressive opposition, and we would keep the government has its feet on the ground “.

FNM Chief Dr Hubert Minnis addresses media following FNM Council meeting at Holy Trinity

The former prime minister said the Davis administration made many promises, highlighting the pledge to reduce value added tax from 12% to 10%.

“Don’t immediately get out of the block saying you’re going to cut VAT by 12 [percent] to 10 [percent] but you can’t do it anymore

Regarding the FNM board meeting, Minnis said, “When we talked about the challenges we faced in terms of Irma, in terms of Dorian [and] in terms of COVID – they said it wasn’t an excuse, so we don’t accept any excuse. “

“The Bahamian public have been promised that VAT will be reduced to 10% and I’m sure they are looking forward to it. “

In the PLP’s Blueprint for Change, released in the weeks leading up to the general election, the PLP pledged to build a new hospital in New Providence through a public-private partnership while upgrading the Princess Margaret Hospital and by building a new hospital. on Grand Bahama through a PPP.

Last night, Minnis said he and his team performed a comprehensive assessment of a new hospital in 2010 while he was Minister of Health under the Ingraham administration, and identified sites in New Providence for the company, and determined the cost to be $ 650 million.

He said when his administration took office seven years later, the decision was made to build new hospital facilities in stages because $ 650 million could not be disbursed, noting that the decision had been made. before Dorian’s economic shocks and the pandemic.

“So that’s impossible,” Minnis said of the PLP pledge.

The FNM suffered a crushing defeat at the polls last week, winning just seven of 39 seats.

The Liberal Progressive Party (PLP), led by current Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, won the remaining 32 seats.

Last night FNM President Carl Culmer said: “Many supporters are said to have expressed concerns and at the end of the meeting we agreed that the current leader, Dr Hubert Minnis, will lead the party to the convention. and after the convention we a new leader to move the party forward, ”Culmer told media after the meeting, which ended at around 9:10 pm.

“Dr. Minnis will not be running for leadership.

“We will have the opportunity to choose another chef.

FNN President Carl Culmer

He continued, “The convention is offered in November, no later than the end of November.”

He said the FNM speaks “with one voice”, and Minnis will work with the future FNM leader to ensure the party is “ready to fight for the elections whenever it is summoned.”

Culmer thanked Minnis, who led the FNM in a landslide victory at the polls in May 2017, for his contributions to the party.

He also thanked all the candidates who stood for election and the ground support workers, noting that despite the defeat, “the future is bright for the FNM”.

Minnis said he believes the candidates who ran under the FNM banner did a great job, and he thinks his administration has done a “great job in paving the way for the country’s future and making itself felt. preparing for a better future “.

“Unfortunately, the public felt differently and we accept it,” said the former prime minister.

“We got together, we looked at everything, we analyzed why individuals had not voted; what the challenges were and we would move forward and come out even better.

According to a party insider, the favorites to lead the party are Michael Pintard, MP for MARCO City, Kwasi Thompson, MP for East Grand Bahama, and Shanendon Cartwright, MP for St Barnabas.

However, some feel that these members are not offering the kind of rebranding FNM needs and are looking to another option, which is not represented in parliament.

As seen with Minnis, who remained FNM leader when he was ousted from his post as opposition leader by Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner and several FNM MPs, the party leader does not need to have a seat in Parliament.

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