Fans of boy band Seventeen show unity by creating contact tracing spreadsheet after Carats received Covid-19 at concert in Singapore, Entertainment News

K-pop fans are often very passionate about everything they do for their idols: from buying billboards to wish their idols a happy birthday, to “fan actions” like printing banners for the entire concert audience to hold.

Carats (fans of boy band Seventeen) who saw their idols live last Thursday (October 13) at their Be The Sun concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium stepped up and took their dedication and organizational skills to the next level, by creating a spreadsheet to track Covid-19 infections.

Late Saturday night, fans began sharing their positive rapid antigen test (ART) results on Twitter, indicating which section they were seated in and their queue numbers, to warn others.

With the looming threat of Covid-19 Omicron sub-variant XBB, Carats took no chances.

A Twitter user named Mia started compiling the tweets into a single Twitter thread.

Then fans took it a step further by compiling the information into a comprehensive spreadsheet titled Be The Sun SG Covid Tracker. It is organized into 12 tabs comprising the different categories of seats and standing tickets available, and further into different sections of seats within each category.


Fans listed their ART test results, the symptoms they were experiencing and also noted “your whereabouts and what you were wearing, so others would know if they were near you” in a remarks column. .

Fans meticulously noted what time they arrived, where they went for lunch, and which fan groups they interacted with, while leaving positive notes and apologies to those they came into contact with.

A TikTok user by the name of Xuanlai shared the spreadsheet in a video with the caption, “Another bites the dust,” but later commented that “internet trolls got their hands on the link.”


😀.. another one bites the dust 🥲 Get well soon everyone ‼️

♬ original sound – sol ⑰ – sol ⑰

The trolls allegedly tampered with the spreadsheet and deleted entries.

It doesn’t matter, because the Carats, undeterred, scooped up what they could and created a Google form for legitimate answers to be checked before they were added to the new spreadsheet.

The Tracker 2.0 is now a read-only spreadsheet which, at the time of writing, has nearly 200 responses.

There were positive vibes all around, no pun intended, as fans asked each other to stay hydrated and even managed to inject some humor into their predicament.

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