Expect crowded airports this summer as many people start traveling again – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away and this year will be much different than 2020.

A year ago, travelers canceled flights and trips due to the pandemic, but with vaccines now in the mix and fewer restrictions, many people are feeling more comfortable traveling.

More than 37 million Americans are expected to travel this weekend – a 60% increase from last year.

Airports, including Dallas-Fort Worth International, are expected to be busy.

“It’s going to be crowded at airports, if you think you’re going to get on a half-full plane, that’s just not true,” The morning news from Dallas aviation reporter Kyle Arnold said. “It is more likely that your plane will probably be fuller at any time that we have seen in recent history.”

He said airports expected more traffic and that they reflect 2019 figures, except this time with masks.

“Most importantly, things start to look like a normal travel season even though, you walk into an airport, you still have to wear a mask, and there are still signs of social distancing, but it doesn’t It’s not the pandemic that you “are used to it,” said Arnold.

In 2020, many people have abandoned their travel plans due to the pandemic and restrictions, but this summer people are making up for it.

“We were both vaccinated as soon as possible. My husband and I did it, our whole thing and we did it, so we don’t really have a problem there, we just want to get back to normal. I mean we had our first baby in the middle of a pandemic, and obviously nobody was prepared for any of this, ”said Meredith Lynch.

She said she and her 15-year-old husband, Shane, love to travel and have many destinations planned for 2020. They had to cancel them due to the pandemic, including a babymoon in the Bahamas.

She said they received credit for their trips and used them this summer.

“The first one will actually be in Charleston, South Carolina. The last week of June I have a bodybuilding show there, then we plan to do Vegas in July, and an anniversary trip to the Bahamas in August to celebrate our anniversary which is actually next week, ”he said. Lynch said.

She said they can’t wait to travel, except this time it will be with a baby, which is different from previous years.

“We’re thrilled to just show the world to Wren and take him on trips and adventures and have fun together as a last impatience for sure,” Lynch said.

Arnold said compared to two years ago more flights were departing from DFW.

“There are actually more flights departing from DFW this summer than in 2019 and around 1% more, which is crazy to think how much it went down in May, April and June of last year,” while it was down 80% to 90% of planes. had 10 to 12 people on them, ”he said. “You could take a flight anywhere because the cheap airlines would beg you to go anywhere just to get money from their bank accounts.”

He said low prices will be harder to find this year as more people are stealing.

“This year it will be very crowded, people are mainly going to national places in the United States like Florida, we are actually seeing a big increase in places like Cancun in Mexico and a little bit those places close to the abroad, they still can’t go there… to your Europe and Asia and places like that, ”Arnold said.

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