East Renfrewshire: Crooks busted by getaway car details

A PAIR of stupid crooks who stole money from two teenagers in an armed robbery were quickly arrested…because their details were on the getaway vehicle.

Bernard Larkin, 24, and Miley Doran, 26, targeted their victims on a street in East Renfrewshire on September 8 last year.

They had pulled up in a Range Rover and started talking to the couple, aged 19 and 15 and of Asian descent.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that, in what was seen as a “subtly racist” comment, Larkin and Doran asked the teenagers: “Does your dad own a local shop?

As the victims tried to walk away, one of the thugs ordered them to hand over some money.

Prosecutor Leanne McQuillan told the court: “A third man got out of the vehicle and brandished a rusty machete.

“One of the boys took £20 from his rucksack and threw it on the ground near the man, who picked it up and returned to the vehicle.

“Before they drove off, one of the occupants of the vehicle was heard saying ‘This is what we do for a job, taking money from Asians’.”

Police were quickly alerted and used CCTV footage from the scene to track down the Range Rover and establish Larkin as its owner.

He and Doran have been identified as being involved in the incident, which took place in Burnfield Road, Giffnock.

They admitted charges of assault and robbery when they appeared in court today.

Doran’s lawyer, Tony Lenehan, said: “He does not seek to mitigate or justify the decision to rob two people.

“It was a work vehicle with scales and coordinates on the side, so identification was pretty much inevitable.”

Larkin was jailed for two years and nine months, with Doran locked up for three years.

Passing sentence, Judge Lady Stacey told them: “What you have done cannot be tolerated.

“Two young men were going about their business. You decided to stop your vehicle and, acting with someone else, you robbed them.”