Demand for Australian contact centers thrives amid COVID-19

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Remote working has created a renewed demand for contact centers in Australia and transformed the way they operate, both in their own operations and with customers.

According to research firm Information Services Group (ISG), the importance of working from home has generated a need for workforce management and engagement solutions to help contact center agents manage more effectively their own workloads.

Part of that demand includes analytics, which the company Supplier Goal Contact Center – Customer Experience Services The said report is being used to better understand customer needs and services in order to provide more personalized service, the company said.

“Businesses are rapidly increasing the use of structured data, such as customer feedback feeds and transaction data, and unstructured data, such as social media and web browsing information,” ISG said.

“The need for businesses to manage huge volumes of unstructured data creates a growing opportunity for service providers to deliver AI [artificial intelligence] systems that collect, analyze and interpret data.

“As businesses become more proficient at collecting, combining and using customer data to gain insight, contact centers will play a more strategic and central role in Australian organizations. “

In addition, the industry is also moving towards robots to support human contact center agents, with ISG predicting a shift in the next five years from customer support over the phone and in person to ‘self-service channels. low cost ”- chat bots, smartphone apps, social media and instant messaging.

“Businesses may face integration challenges when trying to provide customers with an omnichannel experience that mixes traditional and digital options, so the opportunities for customer experience consulting firms are expected to expand,” the company said.

Scott Bertsch, partner and regional manager at ISG Asia Pacific, added that contact center staff can make or break Australian businesses.

“Contact center agents create customer experiences that can determine the success or failure of Australian businesses,” he said. “Organizations that maximize the efficiency of remote and on-site agents help ensure customer loyalty now and in the future. ”

ISG’s report comes months after Frost & Sullivan, an industry research and consultancy firm, said in January that demand for analytics technologies is expected to increase in the contact center application market in Asia. – Peaceful for years to come.

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