Customer experience: the real currency of the contact center

Customer experience (CX) is the most valuable currency a contact center can hold.

The quality of an interaction with a customer can affect the likelihood that they will make crucial decisions, such as renewing a service or recommending a product to a friend.

Unfortunately, many companies today invest in customer service in the wrong places.

Omnichannel strategies can play an influential role, but nothing replaces the connection created during one-on-one phone calls.

According to the CFI group, 76% of customers call on the phone when they contact customer service.

How can your contact center improve the way it provides customer service to its customers?

Personalize customer interactions

One of the best ways to personalize and improve the customer experience is to understand the value of your customer’s time – and not waste it!

The ideal approach is to consolidate all of your agent tools into a single desktop application.

This will help your contact center team avoid having to switch between multiple desktop apps to get the information they need.

A tool like xCally Contact Center helps manage your customers’ information and track their interactions across multiple channels.

Improve first call resolution

Improving first call resolution is considered one of the best practices for contact centers.

This crucial factor reflects your team’s ability to resolve customer issues or complaints the first time they contact you.

If a customer has to contact your business multiple times for a single issue, you likely have a broken support system.

ScopServ provides software and services that improve the performance of the contact center to the company.

The solutions enable customers to consistently deliver legendary customer experiences by improving agent efficiency, contact center and business performance.

Hhighlight call flow management

Rather than allowing customers to be transferred from pillar to pillar, smart technology can route calls and messages to the best-qualified agent.

With CRM interfaces, agents can access customer information at the start of the interaction, putting them in control from the start.

ScopStats and ScopSwitch software capture real-time and historical data from the Automatic call distribution and create reports that can be viewed on wallboards, desktops, dashboards, web reports, email and smartphones.

It can also improve agent performance and increase call center awareness with real-time reports for agents.

According to Call Center Helper, 2021, 95.7% of contact center professionals rate customer satisfaction as the most critical call center metric.

It’s critical that your contact center technology provider gives you the flexibility to adapt and keep pace with customer preferences.

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