CSU Updates Mask Policies for Billings Clinic, St. Vincent Healthcare, RiverStone Health | Coronavirus


BILLINGS – Unified Health Command’s health partners have updated their masking policies to reflect the latest scientific recommendations on reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Billings Clinic, RiverStone Health, and St. Vincent Healthcare have worked together to develop consistent policies to implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for fully vaccinated people and for masking needs.

The guiding principles, released Friday, are to protect everyone from exposure to the virus while being kind and considerate to everyone, UHC said in a press release.

As of May 28, these policies apply to Billings Clinic, RiverStone Health and St. Vincent Healthcare:

⦁ As medical facilities, Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare will continue to require masking for all patients and visitors at all times, regardless of immunization status.

⦁ Mask use is mandatory for all people, regardless of immunization status, in RiverStone Health clinical areas.

⦁ The use of a mask is mandatory in all areas of RiverStone Health for all people who are not fully vaccinated.

⦁ Use of the mask is optional for fully immunized individuals in non-clinical areas of RiverStone Health.

Fully vaccinated means at least two weeks have passed since the person received the last required dose of COVID-19 vaccine. This is two weeks after the single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

UHC partners recognize that there are multiple reasons why people may choose to wear masks, including, but not limited to: being treated for cancer or otherwise having a weakened immune system, having young children who are not vaccinated at home, have immuno-compromised family members, or are unvaccinated themselves.

“We will not engage in efforts to determine who is and who is not vaccinated, and we will not tolerate masked / maskless shame,” said John Felton, CEO and chairman and head of county health of Yellowstone. “We are simply asking everyone to follow our policies out of respect for those we serve and those who work in our facilities.”

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