Council leader joins contact center staff

The contact center has a team of six or seven people who respond to calls from 11 different municipal departments. The center takes an average of 800 calls per day. Each member of the team will handle calls for each service: from benefits to garbage collection, from parking to places to visit. Since January, the team has taken more than 140,000 calls.

After his session, Ben said: ‘I was really impressed with the breadth of knowledge staff needed to work in the contact center. The phones don’t stop ringing. One minute you’re telling someone how they can apply for the council tax benefit online and the next minute you can help them book theater tickets for the Assembly Hall Theatre. Every call is different. Council staff are incredibly sensitive to a resident’s individual circumstances and needs and are always willing to help and go above and beyond to provide support to our residents.

When not taking calls, team members assist members of the public in person in the Amelia Scott. They also participate in the popular four weekly Baby Bounce and Rhyme sessions attended by approximately 30 babies and toddlers with their parents/guardians. Sessions include playing musical instruments and singing along to nursery rhymes, described by one staff member aschaos and very noisy but great fun for all’.

The Contact Center was previously located in the Tunbridge Wells Gateway and moved to the Amelia Scott when it opened in March 2022. As well as helping members of the public answer their questions, the team is also working in the library areas of the Amelia Scott.