Contact Center Webinar: Virtual Agent Engagement

Contact Center Webinar – Business Systems – Virtual Agent Engagement Forum – Wednesday, November 23, 2022

If you think you’ve heard of agent engagement, you’re probably right. With the growing focus on customer experience (CX), improving engagement with the agents serving those customers is a logical step that should be considered part of your contact center strategy.

Employee and agent engagement is nothing new to the Business Systems team (now a big differentiator for contact centers), where agents play a key role in the success of your organization. What next?

At our next forum on Wednesday, November 23, our hosts Mark and Shaunna will be joined by special guests Graeme Gabriel (WFO Solutions Consultant) and David Kay (Principal Solutions Consultant) from NICE. The agenda of the forum will be an opportunity to:

– Discuss our agnostic approach

– Meet the team and discover our areas of expertise

– Exploring the agent experience on a holistic level, looking at results and insights into what we hear in the market

– Explore the capabilities of NICE IEX to solve some of the challenges we face around scheduling, hybrid working, employee satisfaction and improving work-life balance

– See the latest NICE IEX features

Customer service leaders reported average attrition rates of 42% in 2021, highlighting the need for contact centers to invest more in retention strategies that take into account the changing nature of agent needs in a world post covid.

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